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New ARRI High-Speed Ballast EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan
New ARRI High-Speed Ballast EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScanARRI is complementing its latest generation of high-speed ballasts with the new EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan. Designed for the ARRI M40 and other 2.5 kW or 4 kW daylight fixtures, it incorporates innovative features and allows filming speeds of more than 1,000 fps.
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ARRI Announces New Features for ALEXA SXT
ARRI Announces New Features for ALEXA SXTMore than ever before, ALEXA offers the best overall image quality and efficient workflow with the SXT cameras. By striking a perfect balance between pixel size and resolution, ALEXA SXT produces beautiful images in HD, 2K and 4K, while also delivering the highest dynamic range of any camera in the market. Not only does ALEXA SXT meet the resolution needs of 4K and UHD distribution with easy workflows, it is also uniquely well-equipped to create content that will take fullest advantage of emerging HDR (High Dynamic Range) display technologies. In addition, the ability to record at up to 120 fps in full image quality means that HFR (High Frame Rate) approaches to enhancing viewer experience can also be accommodated. The continually increasing popularity of anamorphic shooting is best served by ALEXA’s unique tall sensor and the new anamorphic recording formats offered in the SXT.
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NEW HIGH-SPEED BALLASTS FOR HIGH-SPEED FILMING(IBC 2015, Amsterdam) – ARRI introduces the EB 12/18 HS and EB 6/9 HS AutoScan ballasts, allowing easy, flicker-free extreme slow-motion filming with discharge lamps in the 9 kW, 12 kW and 18 kW power classes.
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Codex Develops Recording And Workflow For New ARRI Alexa 65 Large Format Camera
Codex Develops Recording And Workflow For New ARRI Alexa 65 Large Format CameraCodex, the industry leader in RAW recording and workflow, has collaborated with ARRI to develop the recording and workflow system for ARRI’s new, ground-breaking ALEXA 65 large format camera. Codex has worked closely with ARRI to create a high-performance, in-built camera recorder plus an on-set and near-set data management system, which combine to deliver streamlined camera-to-post workflow for the ALEXA 65 camera – The Vault Lab 65.
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A Wonderful World of Color
Technicolor-PostWorks’ The Room Posts “The Giver”
The Room, the boutique finishing facility located within Technicolor-PostWorks, New York, recently completed two months of post-production finishing on "The Giver," the new film from director Phillip Noyce and The Weinstein Company. In a project involving numerous creative and technical challenges, the facility handled editorial conforming and color grading. The latter included applying the finishing touch to an onscreen world that undergoes a gradual transition from black & white to color.
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“Psyched Out”
“Psyched Out”
SIM Digital/Bling Digital provide workflow support to hit USA Network series for a record three straight seasons.
Critically lauded and a ratings hit, "Psych" recently wrapped its eighth season in Vancouver, adding to its record as USA Network’s longest-running series. And for the third straight year, the Universal Cable Productions series is making its way from the camera to the screen via an innovative file-based workflow designed and supported by camera and production equipment specialist SIM Digital and its post-production unit Bling Digital.
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Colorfront Wins Emmy Award For On-Set Dailies
Colorfront Wins Emmy Award For On-Set Dailies
Colorfront On-Set Dailies continues to dominate file-based production on major motion pictures and episodic TV shows
Academy Award-winning developer Colorfront today announced it has been awarded a 2012 Primetime Engineering Emmy from the Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences for Colorfront On-Set Dailies, the market-leading on-set dailies system for motion picture and TV production.
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ALEXA Updates: Sup 7.0, Extended Warranties & ARRIRAW Tools
The latest free-of-charge software update, as well as new extended warranty options and third party ARRIRAW tools, see ALEXA continue as the most advanced and versatile digital camera system on the market, offering a predictable cost of ownership and a long-lasting return on investment.
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ALEXA Advances Anamorphic Cinematography
True CinemaScope with ALEXA Plus 4:3
ARRI unveils the ALEXA Plus 4:3, a new ALEXA model with similar functionality to the ALEXA Plus but featuring a 4:3 Super 35 sensor, the ability to switch from 16:9 sensor mode to 4:3 sensor mode and built-in licenses for high speed shooting, anamorphic de-squeeze and DNxHD.
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Codex Introduces Support for ARRI Alexa Studio
Codex Introduces Support for ARRI Alexa StudioCodex Digital, the leading developer of digital media recorders and media management systems for film and television production, today announces full support for the new ARRI Alexa Studio.
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ALEXA Update 5.0 Enables High Speed Mode & More
The release of SUP 5.0 marks another milestone in the continual process of expanding and refining the ALEXA toolset. This latest software update incorporates a range of improvements to the already versatile functionality of ARRI ALEXA cameras, but perhaps the most eagerly anticipated new feature is an option to purchase a High Speed mode that permits shooting at up to 120 fps.
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ARRI introduces 120 fps High Speed recording to ProRes for ALEXA cameras
At IBC 2011, ARRI is introducing a new High Speed recording feature for its ALEXA camera range that offers up to 120 fps in-camera recording with the Apple ProRes codec.
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Marquise Technologies to unveil the world’s first color grading solution with real-time image restoration at IBC 2011
Marquise Technologies will present at IBC 2011, in world premiere, the first fully featured color grading station with real-time image degrain/denoise, stabilization and dust/scratch concealment features.
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