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Alioscopy Enables Millions of Adobe Photoshop Digital Imaging Artists to Generate Alioscopy-ready ‘No-Glasses’ 3D Content
Alioscopy® USA, a 3D technology provider today announced that Adobe® Systems Incorporated has integrated its Alioscopy auto-stereoscopic, 3D multi-view algorithm as a new feature in Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software. As more and more digital imaging artists create content in stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic 3D, Alioscopy offers a unique patented process for generating 8-view images for viewing and play-back on auto-stereoscopic 3D HD LCD displays.
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Alioscopy ‘No-Glasses’ 3D Technology Shines at ‘Photoshop & You’ Experience in San Francisco
Auto-stereoscopic 3D Display Adds Attention-Getting Pizzazz to Adobe’s ‘Pop-Up’ Store for Photoshop Digital Imaging Artists and Enthusiasts
Alioscopy® USA, a 3D visualization technology provider today announced that Adobe Systems Incorporated is featuring Alioscopy’s 3D auto-stereoscopic technology and hardware in Adobe’s Photoshop & You store in San Francisco. The 47” Alioscopy monitor displays 3D images created in Adobe® Photoshop® CS5, brilliantly showcasing the attention-grabbing power of unaided 3D experiences.
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