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ARTIXELS Releases New VFX Plug-In Resonance For Nuke
ARTIXELS Releases New VFX Plug-In Resonance For NukeARTIXELS, today announced immediate availability of a new visual effects (VFX) software plug-in "Resonance for Nuke." Resonance is a high performance image generator designed for look dev and abstract effects purposes. Based on a fully vectorized caustics rendering engine and multiple intuitive user-directed wave emitters, Resonance allows artists to create sophisticated organic visuals quickly. There is no inter-frame dependency of Resonance outputs, users are always free to scrub through the timeline for maximum interactive creative design freedom.
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ARTIXELS debuts VFX plug-in album Escher
ARTIXELS, today announced debut visual effects (VFX) software plug-in album Escher, scheduled for official release in December 2012. Escher includes 8 essential plug-ins for advanced 2.5D lighting and 2 image generation plug-ins, the 10-track full album will be available for The Foundry Nuke while selected tracks for other image compositing platforms will be announced later.
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