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ChyronHego Technology Used to Create Stunning Visual Effects for NBC's 'Peter Pan Live!'
ChyronHego Technology Used to Create Stunning Visual Effects for NBC's 'Peter Pan Live!'Lyric™ PRO, Mosaic™, and Virtual Placement Graphics Rendering and Tracking Solutions Offer Dependable and Flexible Capabilities in Dynamic Live Environment
ChyronHego's Lyric™ PRO advanced graphics creation software and Virtual Placement system played starring roles in NBC's "Peter Pan Live!," which aired to an estimated television viewing audience of more than 9 million on Dec. 4. Using Lyric PRO running on ChyronHego's Mosaic™ graphics platform, technicians created the animated character of Tinker Bell and manipulated her appearance and interaction with live actors during the broadcast. In addition, ChyronHego's Virtual Placement was used to place virtual graphics such as a starry night sky and an oceanscape into the live broadcast stream, which created a seamless illusion for home viewers of the characters' travels to Neverland.
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ChyronHego Partners With Fraunhofer IIS to Market and Develop GoalRef
ChyronHego Partners With Fraunhofer IIS to Market and Develop GoalRefInnovative Goal-Line Technology Enables Accurate and Precise Measurement of Ball's Position for Assisting Goal Decisions
In its ongoing commitment to provide best-of-breed technologies for the world's most popular sports, ChyronHego today announced a new licensing agreement with the renowned Fraunhofer IIS. Under the agreement, ChyronHego will bring to market Fraunhofer's GoalRef system, a Goal-Line Technology solution for measuring whether a goal has been scored or not.
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Ventuz Software Integration with Chyron BlueNet Makes Waves at IBC 2012
Ventuz Technology, provider of high-end interactive 3D graphics software, announces the integration of its software suite within Chyron's BlueNet™ graphics workflow. The first demonstration of the joint development at IBC 2012 was enthusiastically received by customers and partners of both companies.
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Ventuz taps into Chyron BlueNet™
The cooperation between Chyron and 3d realtime graphics specialist Ventuz Technology AG reaches a new level with the integration of Ventuz into the BlueNet workflow
The established Broadcast systems supplier Chyron and graphics specialist Ventuz, who entered into a strategic partnership in February of this year, today announced that the companies will use IBC 2012 in Amsterdam to showcase their first joint development success. "We are now ready to announce our integration of Ventuz within the CAMIO broadcast environment," said Erik Beaumont, Product Manager of Ventuz. "This allows us to seamlessly and transparently operate Ventuz graphics systems within the existing Chyron BlueNet workflow."
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