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Blackmagic Design Receives Creative COW Blue Ribbon User’s Choice Award For Best Of Show At NAB
Blackmagic Design is the proud recipient of Creative COW’s Blue Ribbon Award for Best of Show at the NAB Show 2011. Every year, Creative COW’s editors feel the pulse of the industry by monitoring the feedback from over 1.7 million monthly visitors in the months following NAB. Creative COW then announces the products and technologies that working professionals have identified as most likely to have the biggest impact on their future. For the second year in a row, Creative COW's membership has named Blackmagic Design as the product manufacturer that impacted the most professionals.
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Small Tree to Reveal GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II at NAB 2011
Robust Direct Attached Shared Storage Technology Supports 6Gb SATA Protocol
At NAB 2011, Small Tree will unveil the first Ethernet-based shared storage system to support 6Gb SAS/SATA protocol end-to-end with the introduction of GraniteSTOR ST-RAID II (Booth SL10505).
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Small Tree Shared Storage Technology in the “House” for Major Video Programming Distributor
GraniteSTOR Solution Provides Greater Efficiency for Bright House Networks Tampa Bay
Cable customers in southwest Florida depend on Bright House Networks Tampa Bay to provide high quality service and the company delivers. In turn, the regional cable company’s marketing department relies on shared storage technology from Small Tree to facilitate production and post-production of commercials for cross channel use.
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Small Tree’s Shared Storage Networking Technology Provides Performance and Flexibility for Matchpoint Studios
GraniteSTOR Solution Maximizes Workflow and Optimizes Project Management
A national, full-service, state-of-the-art production and post-production corporation featuring a team of talented and experienced creative professionals, Tampa-based Matchpoint Studios ( ) offers a one-stop shop for clients looking for powerful, tailored creative services and solutions.
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Project Management Improves for Optic Nerve After Installation of Small Tree’s Shared Storage and OS X Networking Technology
Easier Project Access and Control Critical to Production Company’s Streamlined Workflow
As studio manager for Optic Nerve, Chris Besecker’s days used to be like a game of hide and seek, only not nearly as much fun. With five Mac G5 workstations running Final Cut and Adobe After Effects and no centralized storage at the Brooklyn facility, Besecker had to keep track of where each project’s files were and make sure those files were available to the editors on the individual workstations. Before Optic Nerve installed Small Tree’s cost-effective, Ethernet-based shared storage technology, there was a lot of looking around for certain files and then a lot of copying files from one hard drive to another.
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Red Productions Eliminates Downtime with Small Tree’s Shared Storage and OS X Networking Capabilities
Workflow Interruptions Cease at Full Service Script to Screen Company
Frustrated by having projects continuously freeze up in the middle of editing sessions and having to rummage through multiple external drives to locate footage, Red Productions, a full service, script to screen video production and independent film development and production company, recently commissioned respected independent video engineer Bob Zelin to install a cost-effective Ethernet-based shared storage solution featuring Small Tree technology.
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ATTO Technology Partners with Maxx Digital to Provide RAID Final Share Storage Solution for Final Cut Pro
ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, and Maxx Digital, a leading storage solutions provider for high-performance digital media markets, today announced that the ATTO ExpressSAS R380 SAS/SATA RAID Adapter is exclusively being used as part of Maxx Digital’s Final Share Storage System to provide a high-bandwidth, RAID-protected, shared storage solution for Final Cut Pro users.
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Tempe 11 Receives Double the Storgage Capacity at Half the Price
HD Editing Over Ethernet Achieves Greater Work and Cost Efficiencies
A recent shared storage installation at Tempe 11, a government access station operated by the City of Tempe, illustrated once again that it’s either Ethernet or it’s EtherNOT, as an Ethernet-based solution from Small Tree has enabled the full-service production team to substantially increase its workflow without crippling its bottom line.
published 7 years ago   read more
Trans City Productions Team Has "The Nuts" With Shared Storage Technology From Small Tree
Poker Instruction Production Company Raises Productivity
As tournament poker continued to rise in popularity, so did the demand for online instructional videos. For Las Vegas-based Trans City Productions, this demand led to a need for better workflow.
published 7 years ago   read more
Final Share Now Available From Maxx Digital
Maxx Digital, RAID system integrator, manufacturer, and turnkey solution provider goes above and beyond with Final Share their affordable professional video shared storage.
published 7 years ago   read more
Apple Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard Relies on Small Tree Technology for Optimal Performance
Technology from Company’s Shared Storage Solution Enhances Server’s Speed
During the recent unveiling of the Apple Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard product, Small Tree’s PEG6, a six-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) adapter, was recognized as a critical factor in Snow Leopard achieving SPEC benchmarking speeds twice as fast as its predecessor. Now the general public knows what an increasing number of post-production professionals across the country know – Small Tree networking and shared storage technology enables your data to move as fast as it possibly can.
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Shared Storage Solution Creates Greater Efficiency for Biscardi Creative Media
Small Tree's Technology and Service Leave Lasting Impression
Amidst a down economy, Atlanta-based Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) was faced with a positive dilemma – an abundance of post-production projects, including three feature length documentaries and an episodic television series. With three edit suites each equipped with its own local storage, the challenge for BCM in taking on these projects was in successfully managing workflow efficiency. To ensure that project deadlines were met and client satisfaction maintained, Walt Biscardi, founder and president of BCM, installed a flexible and cost-effective shared storage solution to maximize his team's productivity.
published 8 years ago   read more
Pink Sneakers Relies on Small Tree's Cost-Effective Shared Storage Solution During "Miami Social" Post-Production
Shared Storage Solution Runs Nine Clients Concurrently with No Stuttering
Best known for developing and producing original programming, such as “Hogan Knows Best” and “My Big Redneck Wedding,” Pink Sneakers Productions recently relied on shared storage solution technology from Small Tree to help improve workflow during post-production on Bravo’s “Miami Social.”
published 8 years ago   read more
Alliance Video and Post Installs Small Tree’s Mac-based Shared Storage Technology to Enhance Workflow
Full-Service Production Company Sees Small Tree’s Customer Support as Biggest Value
With more than 50 years combined experience in production and post-production, the executive team at Alliance Video and Post appreciate the importance of maximizing productivity.
published 8 years ago   read more
Baby Boom Pictures Installs Small Tree's Shared Storage Technology to Improve Workflow
Small Full-Service Production Company Turns to Affordable Solution to Increase Productivity
Primarily a one-man, full-service production company, Warren Eig’s Baby Boom Pictures relies on state-of-the-art technology to ensure that he can meet tight deadlines and keep revenue streams coming in by taking on new projects.
published 8 years ago   read more
Emmy-Award Winning Evolution Media Installs Small Tree Shared Storage Technology
Post-Production Company Needs Affordable Solution to Continue Growth
For many small production companies, the challenge in developing a growing business lies in the inability to afford the high-priced equipment required to attract larger clients, meet tight deadlines and maximize productivity. Facing the prospect of having to spend up to $40,000 for a storage solution that would enable his three-room facility to continue its steady growth, Jason Kalinoski, president of Emmy Award-winning Evolution Media in Tallahassee, recently turned to a shared storage solution from Small Tree that is becoming increasingly popular in small- to mid-size facilities looking to improve their workflow without breaking the bank.
published 8 years ago   read more
Small Tree Communications Provides Shared Storage for Post-Production on Nickelodeon's "My Family's Got GUTS!"
Technology Increases Performance While Saving Production Company Tens of Thousands of Dollars
Small Tree Communications, designer of simple-to-install, cost-effective networking and shared storage products for professional video and audio editors, recently provided an inexpensive workflow solution to Five Alts Productions for post-production on Nickelodeon’s new extreme sports competition show, “My Family’s Got GUTS!”
published 8 years ago   read more
FOX Sports Florida Turns to Small Tree Communications for Cost-Effective Shared Storage Solution
Small Tree Equipment Solves Workflow Issue
Tired of sacrificing productivity from having to copy files from one editing suite to another, FOX Sports Florida located in Sunrise, Florida recently installed a cost-effective shared storage solution from Small Tree Communications to improve workflow among the four editing suites used by its in-house creative services department.
published 8 years ago   read more
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Already having a great reputation for standalone RAID arrays, G-Tech makes a bold move into shared storage with the G-Tech G-RACK 12. With 120 TB, expandable to 480 TB, blazing speeds, a built-in server (no separate computer or metadata servers needed!) and incredibly easy set-up and management software, longtime broadcast and facility engineer Bob Zelin says that the G-RACK 12 is a winner. Bob doesn't say that often, so you're going to want to check out all the details -- and because it's Bob, there are a lot of details!
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