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Blackmagic Design Receives Creative COW Blue Ribbon User’s Choice Award For Best Of Show At NAB
Blackmagic Design is the proud recipient of Creative COW’s Blue Ribbon Award for Best of Show at the NAB Show 2011. Every year, Creative COW’s editors feel the pulse of the industry by monitoring the feedback from over 1.7 million monthly visitors in the months following NAB. Creative COW then announces the products and technologies that working professionals have identified as most likely to have the biggest impact on their future. For the second year in a row, Creative COW's membership has named Blackmagic Design as the product manufacturer that impacted the most professionals.
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Bob Zelin's NAB Show, Take 2017Bob Zelin's NAB Show, Take 2017
Longtime broadcast engineer, facilities designer, and workflow consultant Bob Zelin has been attending the NAB Show for years, and his legendary write-ups have gone to unparalleled lengths to bring you hidden gems from every corner of the floor. Bob is taking a slightly different approach this time, as he views the specifics through the lens of trends that have been emerging for quite some time, now bearing fruit in 2017. Sit back and enjoy another real-world, hype-free, anything-but-objective ride through the industry's biggest week of the year.
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10.1.2 Killed the Sparse Disk Star
Hey gang, just wanted to give you a little update on what we're uncovering right now. The new update to FCPX 10.1.2 brought the ability to export xml of entire events. This is huge. The primary reason we have stuck with sparse disks in our office environment was so that...
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All Santa brought me for Christmas was a FinalShare, Part 1
Or, Why we stopped worrying and learned to love the Zelin. The end of 2011 was hectic. One of my long-time producers took a job at a local station. It was a great opportunity for him, but left us in a bind as he was cutting episode 4 of a...
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Small Tree Improves upon Ethernet SAN* foundation
As I reported a few weeks ago, Small Tree replaced our original ethernet SAN we've been running since December 2008 with a new system including an all new 48TB Granite Stor RAID II. I also reported that we discovered some things about the Macs that Steve and Chris wanted to...
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