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Mothership Director David Rosenbaum Creates Winter Fantasies for Infiniti
Mothership director David Rosenbaum has teamed up with ad agency TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles on a cinematic two-spot effort for Infiniti. To promote Infiniti's Winter Sales Event, the festive commercials highlight the Infiniti G Sedan's ability to handle the most challenging driving conditions -- and an average Joe's winter revenge fantasy.
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Boulder Digital Arts launches intensive one-week courses for professionals
Boulder Digital Arts is launching Transitions, a series of intensive one-week courses catering to digital professionals, students and others looking to learn important new tools and techniques in web design, social media marketing, video production and other fields.
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Chimera announces partnership with Boulder Digital Arts
Boulder Digital Arts has announced a partnership with Chimera. Chimera will serve as a provider of top-notch lighting equipment for Boulder Digital Arts while Boulder Digital Arts will put Chimera in touch with its network of digital professionals, filmmakers and technology enthusiasts.
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