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YouTube goes HDR, Atomos HDR Upgrade and $500 off for Content Professionals
Timed with the recent announcement by YouTube for HDR delivery, Atomos announces a new OS update to further broaden HDR compatibility and offers a limited time discount to make the HDR upgrade easier this holiday season. The HDR wave continues to gather pace with YouTube adding to other content delivery platforms such as Google Chromecast ultra, Sony PS4 Pro, Amazon, Netflix and Vudu in bringing HDR transmission and playback to the growing population of people with HDR compatible TV’s, the leading Christmas gift in 2016.
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Atomos Release AtomOS 5.1 for the Samurai Blade
Atomos have just informed customers that AtomOS 5.1 for the Samurai Blade is ready for download.
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C-Log & S-Log Monitoring Modes Added to FSI Monitors
Flanders Scientific is pleased to bring you another great new feature: C-Log and S-Log monitoring modes. These new monitoring modes have been designed to make On Set monitoring of C-Log and S-Log signals easier and more useful to you well before post production. Available as a quickly accessible setting on the monitor's Video menu you can easily toggle between viewing normal and Log monitoring modes. While not a crystal ball for how your content will look at the end of the post process these monitoring modes do provide you with a relatively 'normalized' view of your Log footage that can be especially helpful to those On Set that might otherwise find viewing uncorrected C-Log or S-Log signals objectionable.
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