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The Foundry Supports Learning and Development with Free Version of MARI
Leading creative software developer The Foundry has today announced the launch of MARI Non-commercial. The free, non-watermarked version of the company's Academy Award®-winning 3D texture painting software allows artists to work on personal projects and learn at their own pace.
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Visual Effect Society Releases Industry-Leading Demo Material Guidelines for Facilities and Artists
New Benchmark to Support and Protect All Parties in Showcasing VFX Work Product
The Visual Effects Society (VES), the industry’s global professional honorary society, has announced the release of first-of-its-kind Demo Material Guidelines. The Guidelines are a set of recommendations for the usage and release of work-for-hire materials presented as part of a demo reel portfolio by VFX facilities and practitioners. Its purpose is to provide a fair and consistent framework that provides reasonable access for artists to showcase their work, while protecting the ownership rights of studios and producers. The Demo Material Guidelines were developed under the leadership of the VES Business, Labor & Law Committee (co-chaired by Bob Coleman and Ray Scalice) and with the collaboration of leading VFX companies and studio executives.
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MammothHD - News Release: Building a 4K+ Resource foe NOW and the Furture (7.8.15)
MammothHD - News Release: Building a 4K+ Resource foe NOW and the Furture (7.8.15)MammothHD Footage Library building a 4K+ Resource for NOW and the FUTURE since 2007
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Archimedia to Demonstrate Breakthrough 4K 60p Player Technology at 2015 HPA Tech Retreat
Archimedia Technology, a company whose applications bring precise multiformat viewing to the professional's desktop, TV, UHDTV, and SDI infrastructure, today announced it will host a demo room at the 2015 HPA Tech Retreat, Feb. 9-15 in Palm Springs, California. Archimedia will demonstrate its Atlas professional media player, which now plays 4K 60p and high dynamic range content on any display to the best of that display's native ability.
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Cogswell College's Star Thief Studio Produces Original Short Animated Film and Interactive iPad Book App Entitled "Drawn Home"
Cogswell College's Star Thief Studio Produces Original Short Animated Film and Interactive iPad Book App Entitled "Drawn Home"
Cogswell College's Star Thief Studio Produces Original Short Animated Film and Interactive iPad Book App Entitled "Drawn Home"
Cogswell College, a leading educational institution offering a unique curriculum fusing Digital Art, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, has announced that senior class students participating in the school’s “Star Thief Studio” project have created and produced an original short animated film and interactive iPad book app.
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Grass Valley Leads the Market with Demonstration of HDR Technology
High Dynamic Range capture, an expansion of the ratio between the lightest and darkest parts of the video image, is viewed by broadcasters as the next big improvement in the viewing experience for the next generation of broadcast formats. Today, the dynamic range of television images is much lower than what the naked eye experiences in the real world, but new technology is beginning to address those limitations. Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, is taking a lead in this area and recently worked with the European Broadcast Union (EBU) to capture HDR footage during a live event for the first time.
published 4 years ago   read more Attracts Senior Creature Animator James Bennett to Teach New Advanced Creature Animation Workshop Attracts Senior Creature Animator James Bennett to Teach New Advanced Creature Animation Workshop
Learn Top-Level Creature Animation From an Industry Veteran Whose Credits Include Many of Hollywood’s Most Successful Films—From “Avatar” and “Godzilla” to “King Kong” and “IronMan 2” continues to attract top instructors to its industry-leading animation courses—the newest being James Bennett, a senior creature animator and lead previz artist whose list of credits includes “Godzilla,” “The Hobbit,” “Avatar,” “King Kong,” “The Adventures of TinTin,” “Happy Feet,” “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” “Madagascar 3,” “Iron Man 2,” and many more.
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LightWave 3D SIGGRAPH 2014 Live Stream Call for Content
The LightWave 3D Group is gearing up for its SIGGRAPH 2014 Live Stream and is looking to feature video, tutorials, demo reels, project and interview of 3D artists and studios using LightWave 3D software. Deadline for submissions is June 19, 2014.
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Qube Cinema Sees Expanded Sales of QubeMaster Pro to Postproduction Facilities Across Europe
Empowering Post Houses with Fast, Powerful, Do-It-All DCP Software
Qube Cinema continues to see high volume sales of the QubeMaster Pro digital cinema package (DCP) encoding software to postproduction facilities throughout Europe. These sales consolidate Qube’s position in the DCP encoding and packaging market on the continent. Post houses, from the UK to Moscow, and from the Baltic to Romania, now have a fast, easy-to-use way to master DCPs for feature film and other digital content.
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Simian Shifts Search into Overdrive
New SmartSearch™ feature generates instant results when users search media libraries.
In the latest upgrade to its industry-leading creative workflow and media management platform, Simian has added an advanced, global smart search tool that enables users to get the results ten times faster than ever before. Simian SmartSearch™ includes an auto-complete feature that returns real time results instantly with as few as two keystrokes.
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Ubisoft Chooses EditShare's Collaborative Workflow for Creative Unit Producing Game Demos and Multiplatform Ads
Geevs Post, EditShare Flow and EditShare XStream provide an efficient workflow across the game maker’s 2000-strong development campus
EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, announced today that Ubisoft Montréal has selected several EditShare products to streamline the multiplatform promotional workflow for Ubik, the game developer’s in-house creative unit. The EditShare solution for Ubik includes two Geevs Post servers with four ingest channels capturing 1080p59.54fps in ProRes HQ; EditShare Flow for media asset management, searching and browsing; along with 96TB of high-performance EditShare XStream storage. INSO, EditShare’s Montréal-based partner, worked closely with Ubik on the workflow design, integration and support of the EditShare solution.
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Soho Square Studios chosen for major new animated movie
Soho Square Studios chosen for major new animated movie
Stella cast including Julie Walters and Charles Dance benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and central London location for voice recording sessions
Leading audio post-production house Soho Square Studios has completed voice-recording work on the new 3D animated children’s movie "Justin And The Knights Of Valour".
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