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News: Filmlab turns to Baselight for subtle and sophisticated grade on Oscar nominee, Son of Saul
News: Filmlab turns to Baselight for subtle and sophisticated grade on Oscar nominee, Son of Saul
Hungary’s Magyar Filmlabor posts Son of Saul from 35mm film shoot to DCP
Son of Saul, László Nemes’ Golden Globe winner, got its subtle grading atmosphere from one of the FilmLight Baselight suites at Budapest facility Magyar Filmlabor (Hungarian Filmlab). The harrowing story, also nominated for best foreign language Oscar, is set in the horrors of Auschwitz in 1944. The mood is underlined by a stark and understated look, thanks to being shot on 35mm film.
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Codex Hires Jurgen Kantenwein as Head Of Technical Marketing
Codex , the industry leader in high-end digital recording and workflow equipment for motion picture and television production, has recruited Jurgen Kantenwein as its new head of technical marketing. Kantenwein brings over twenty years of experience in digital film workflow to Codex, gained from working with renowned production and post production companies worldwide, and will take a lead role in developing and marketing the company’s current and next-generation products for motion picture and high-end TV production and post.
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Neglab Reopens in Australia in Response to Demand for Film Processing
Veteran Facility Owner Werner Winkelmann Will Oversee Motion Picture Film Processing
Neglab, a motion picture film laboratory for processing 35mm and 16mm color negative, will reopen its doors later this month, providing high-quality film processing services to the region. Werner Winkelmann, original owner of the facility, has over 25 years of experience working in the lab industry and brings extensive expertise to the entire imaging chain.
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Hungarian FilmLab Selects MTI Film’s CORTEX::Dailies for New Digital Dailies Service
Europe’s BoneheadZ oversees installation of the most comprehensive digital dailies system in Eastern Europe.
The Hungarian FilmLab (Magyar Filmlabor), Hungary’s largest provider of film laboratory and post-production services, has purchased MTI Film’s flagship dailies processing solution, CORTEX::Control Dailies Ultimate Edition. FilmLab will employ CORTEX::Dailies to service feature and television productions working in Hungary and throughout Europe. The system is capable of processing camera data from all popular digital cinema cameras, including cameras made by Sony, ARRI, Canon and RED, and creating media required for editorial, review and back-up, with or without applied color grading.
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Paris' Digimage invests in SGO's Mistika for high profile film work including “Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service”
Paris' Digimage invests in SGO's Mistika for high profile film work including “Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service”
“Mistika's capacity to work simultaneously in colour grading and Stereo 3D grading in real-time, facilitated a high quality finish process and enabled Josephine Derobe's great vision to be actualised.” Sergio Ochoa, Stereoscopic Post Production Supervisor on "Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service"
Digimage Cinema, a division of media group CMC, used Mistika for all the stunning stereoscopic 3D effects in live-action 3D French-language feature film "Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service." Digimage offers high-end state-of the-art Stereo 3D and colour grading in the largest DI room in Europe, following its investment in SGO's Mistika technology. The acquisition included a Mistika 2K system with DI and Stereo 3D capabilities with 48 TB of storage, on HP's Z800 Workstation and NVIDIA 6000 Graphic Boards. A Mistika Assist station has recently been added to the workflow, further enhancing efficiency and film capabilities with Mistika's advanced grading power.
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Globus Cinema, Mumbai, Becomes First Theatre in India to Install Sony SRX R320 4K 3D Digital Projection System
Globus Cinema, Mumbai, Becomes First Theatre in India to Install Sony SRX R320 4K 3D Digital Projection SystemGlobus Cinema, a single-screen, independent theatre in Mumbai, has become the first theatre in India to install the Sony SRX R320 4K digital cinema projection system. The new system, which includes stereoscopic 3D capability, is part of a major overhaul of the theatre’s cinema equipment. Globus has also purchased a new silver screen and a Datasat AP20 digital audio processor. All of the equipment was supplied, installed and professionally calibrated by Patel India’s digital cinema division.
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New Digital Cinema Deployment Company Opens in Mumbai
Cinetech Eases Transition to 4K 3D Digital Cinema Systems For Theatres Across Southern Asia
Cinetech Entertainment India Pvt Ltd, a new digital cinema deployment company, has set up its head office Mumbai, India, to provide high quality 4K 3D digital cinema systems and specialist integration services to theatres throughout southern Asia. The new company will supply, install and maintain world-class, future-proof solutions in compliance with international standard JPEG 2000 Digital Cinema Package (DCP) formats. Cinetech is a subsidiary of Filmlab (I) Pvt Ltd, one of India’s largest and most advanced film processing and digital post facilities. The two companies will work together to provide digital content to theatres.
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Rajan Khosa Completes Gattu DI and Recording at Filmlab, Mumbai
Filmlab, a leading motion picture processing and digital post facility, is proud to announce that the digital intermediate (DI) and recording of Rajan Khosa’s multiple award-winning Gattu was undertaken at its digital post suites in Mumbai. The motion picture, which received a “Special Mention Award” at the prestigious 2012 Berlin International Film Festival in Germany, will open in India on 20 July 2012. Gattu has also received the “Audience Award for Best Feature” and “Honorable Mention Award of the International Jury” at this month’s Los Angeles Indian Film Festival.
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Filmlab Takes Direct-to-Print Film Services to Global Market
Leading Film Processing Laboratory in India Purchases Second Cinevator Film Recorder
Filmlab, one of India’s leading motion picture processing and digital post laboratories, plans to widen its customer base by tapping into international demand for cost-effective, fast turnaround direct-to-print film services. Having experienced an increase in the volume of film processing work passing through its Mumbai-based laboratory, the company is setting out plans to offer the same services to production companies and moviemakers further afield by offering high quality film processing services at a very competitive price point. As part of this initiative, Filmlab is also announcing the purchase of a second Cinevator film recorder.
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