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HP Unveils New Workstation Lineup, Maintains No. 1 Worldwide Market Leadership
HP today released a series of new desktop and mobile workstations, broadening its portfolio within one of the fastest-growing market segments and exemplifying its No. 1 position as global workstation market share leader, according to the IDC Worldwide Workstation Tracker, Q4 2010.
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GunMetal Industries Releases Pipe Bomb 3D Camera
World's Smallest Professional 3d System
GunMetal Industries is proud to announce two new ground-breaking 3D camera products with the release of the GunMetal Pipe Bomb 3D Camera System.
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HP Expands Workstation Series to Include Desk-side, Mobile and Small Form Factor Models
HP today unveiled workstation offerings that include the first small form factor workstation to be available in every region of the world, multicore processor updates to its Z Workstation series and a mobile workstation with DreamColor display technology.
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