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HighPoint Unveils Next Generation RAID-On-Chip SAS 6Gb/s HBA’s – RocketRAID 4500 Series
HighPoint Technologies, Inc., an industry leading Storage HBA and RAID solutions manufacturer, has announced a new class of SAS 6Gb/s ROC HBA Series. The RocketRAID 4500 series were designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional business and media applications, where performance, 24-7 data availability and reliability of storage are paramount.
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HighPoint Releases External RAID Controller
HighPoint Technologies announces the availability of the RocketRAID 3522 - PCI-Express x8 hardware RAID controller with two external mini-SAS connectors (SFF-8088) and with Intel IOP 341 I/O Processor. The RocketRAID 3522 is the newest addition to the RocketRAID 3000 series of hardware RAID controllers that offer enterprise level of data protection, performance and manageability.
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Rocketraid Controllers Validated By Matrox For Matrox (Axio LE And RT.X2) Video Editing Systems
HighPoint Technologies announces that the RocketRAID 2314, 2320 and 2310 SATA II RAID Controllers are validated by Matrox for Matrox (Axio LE High Definition) and RT.X2 Standard Definition video editing systems.
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Highpoint Releases 2 Channel PCI-EXPRESS x1 True Hardware Raid Controller With Friendly OS Support
HighPoint Technologies releases the RocketRAID 3120 – PCI Express x1 SATA True Hardware RAID IOP Controller that provides easy installation and improved data protection for desktops and entry level servers for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X.
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Highpoint Updates Rocketraid 3520 With Intel IOP341 To Support Apple Macintosh Systems
HighPoint Technologies updates the RocketRAID 3520 based on the Intel® IOP341 I/O Processor to support Apple Power Mac G5 and Mac Pro systems with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)
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Highpoint Industry's First Sata Raid Controller To Support Leopard
HighPoint Technologies announced that the HighPoint RocketRAID series of SATA RAID controllers have been updated to support Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
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Highpoint Rocketraid 3000 Series Controllers Receives Microsoft WHQL Certification
Highpoint Technologies announced today that the HighPoint RocketRAID 3320 and RocketRAID 3220 series controllers have been certified by Microsoft Corps WHQL team as hardware "Certified for Windows Vista". This certification assures compatibility of the RocketRAID 3000 series with Windows Vista 32 and 63 bit versions.
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News: Highpoint Controllers Report Hard Drive Smart Information On Pro And Power Mac G5 Systems
HighPoint Technologies announced updates the RocketRAID 2000 series of external and hybrid SATA RAID controllers to report SMART and temperature settings on hard drives in a Mac Pro and Power Mac G5.
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News: Highpoint Offers Enterprise Raid6 Controller Supporting Mac Pro And Power Mac G5 Systems
HighPoint announced the availability of the HighPoint RocketRAID 3320 SATA RAID 6 Controller supporting the Apple Mac Pro and Power Mac G5 systems. The RocketRAID 3320 is the world's first SATA RAID 6 double parity hardware RAID controller to support both Apple platforms.
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New SAS HBA Solutions now available from HighPoint Technologies
Hi Folks, I'm very excited to announce that HighPoint Technologies have released the updated firmware, drivers and web management GUIs for their RocketRAID 27xx and 45xx PCIe HBAs as well as their RocketStor 6328 Thunderbolt to USB adapter for tape compatibility on Mac and Linux platforms. Existing RocketRAID 27xx and...
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