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Introducing the all new Tower 4 Bay by iStoragePro
Over 50% lighter and more compact than its predecessor, just as durable, just as much capacity, yet even more powerful.
iStoragePro is pleased to announce the all new Tower 4 Bay. The newly designed enclosure has been completely changed to fit your needs.
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Introducing the All New iStoragePro 8 Bay Tower
iStoragePro proudly introduces the newly designed 8 Bay Tower Series. The series is 30% more light weight and compact than its predecessor, with both SAS Expander, and MiniSAS options. With iStoragePro you have control over your disk capacity, whether you want a limited amount of space with the MiniSAS verion or whether you want to drastically increase your capacity with the SAS Expander version.
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iStoragePro Introduces 4GB Fibre Channel and Enterprise iSCSI Raid Subsystem
iStoragePro proudly presents the new rack-mount subsystem product line. The first model is the iR16FC4ER, the 4GB Fibre channel storage subsystem, followed by the iR16IS4ER and iR16IS2ER, the 4 port/2port iSCSI RAID solutions.
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iStoragePro Introduces Six New Portable External Single & Dual Drives
iStoragePro proudly announces six superior performance portable media external storage drives with stylish, compact, high quality aluminum enclosure design. Six new models include Single bay 2.5” Pocket / 3.5” Dock, Dual Bay 2.5” Pocket II / 3.5” Dock II and Dual Bay with LCD screen 2.5” Pocket View / 3.5” Dock View.
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