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Luma Pictures Standardizes on Thinkbox Software’s Deadline for Linux
News: Luma Pictures Standardizes on Thinkbox Software’s Deadline for LinuxThinkbox Software today announced that visual effects studio Luma Pictures has standardized render management and data processing across studios with Deadline. Having purchased more than 400 seats of Deadline, Luma was able to easily integrate the software into both in-house and off-the-shelf tools within its Linux-based pipeline.
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Luma Pictures Lends Bionic Strength to Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
News: Luma Pictures Lends Bionic Strength to Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'Luma Pictures' contribution to over 375 shots in the recent release of Marvel's 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' marks its 6th collaboration with Marvel, and its 2nd duet with Luma's Melbourne studio. The most notable contributions to the latest installment in the Marvel franchise took the form of the Winter Soldier's bionic arm, CG Cars, CG explosions, and a variety of environment Matte Paintings.
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Thor: The Dark World: Luma Pictures Unites Two Continents
The VFX house, Luma Pictures was called upon again to deliver VFX shots for the newest installation of Marvel's Thor adventures, "Thor: The Dark World." Working seamlessly across two continents, Luma delivered major villains, creatures, sets, atmospheric effects, character-interactive effects, and much more for the second film in the series.
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Luma Pictures Creates CGI Buzz In Dewars' New "Highlander Honey" Commercial
News: Luma Pictures Creates CGI Buzz In Dewars' New "Highlander Honey" CommercialLuma Pictures' commercial division continues to add effects to high profile campaigns, with its latest accompanying Dewars' new spot from OppermanWeiss/OW*, "Highlander Honey."
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Luma Pictures Goes Patriotic For "Iron Man 3"
News: Luma Pictures Goes Patriotic For "Iron Man 3"In Latest Weighty Contribution For Marvel Studios, Luma Adds Iron Man & Iron Patriot Armor, Weaponry and Environmental Effects
Luma Pictures answered the call for Marvel Studios' new "Iron Man 3," the latest installment in the hit franchise, adding extensive full-body CG armor replacements for both "Iron Man" and "Iron Patriot" The VFX house, which now boasts locations in Santa Monica and Melbourne, also added weaponry, environmental and particle effects as well as CG backgrounds. This is the first "Iron Man" for Luma, however the project marks its 4th collaboration with Marvel and 3rd with VFX
published 3 years ago   read more
Luma Pictures Adds A Whirlwind Of Effects To "Oz The Great And Powerful"
Luma Creates CG Tornado, Hot Air Balloon, Costumes, Landscapes And Magic
VFX stronghold Luma Pictures is coming off a whirlwind project, providing over 180 shots for Disney’s new “Oz The Great and Powerful.” The work provided by Luma, which now spans two studios worldwide, begins with one of the most iconic aspects of L. Frank Baum’s chronicles: the tornado which carries the central character to the distant and magical land of Oz. Luma also provided a variety of other effects including earth-to-sky landscape creation, full CG costumes, vehicles and magic effects.
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Luma Adds Award Winning Creative Director and VFX Supervisor Simon Mowbray
Visual effects stronghold Luma Pictures has further fortified its creative battlements with the addition of award-winning Creative Director and VFX Supervisor Simon Mowbray. Mowbray's deep experience leading the VFX elements for major U.S. and international advertising campaigns provides Luma with another keystone on which to further its work in the commercial market. Additionally, the company may look to leverage his originative approach to visual effects into their work in feature film where opportunities present themselves.
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Luma Pictures Celebrates 10 Years Of Production & Artistry In Visual Effects
Luma Pictures, a success story in the field of visual effects, is proudly celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Payam Shohadai and founding partner Jonathan Betuel created Luma in 2002 under the guiding principles: treat people well, quality is king, and always spend smart. The company has excelled at doing just that - providing artistic vision, precedent-setting work product and a unique culture of creativity.
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Luma Pictures Adds Zip to Paramount’s “The Dictator”
Visual effects stronghold Luma Pictures had the opportunity to get close and very personal with Sacha Baron Cohen’s General Aladeen character in the new Paramount Pictures comedy, “The Dictator.” Luma performed extensive set extensions and greenscreen work to create a New York skyline and enable a hilarious zip-line failure ten stories above the street.
published 4 years ago   read more
Luma Pictures Brings Lauded Agency Producer Vicki Mayer In House
Luma Pictures has taken a strong step forward in making its commercial department a more prominent component of the firm's offering by bringing in veteran agency producer, Vicki Mayer. Mayer will hold the title of Executive Producer, Commercial Content, and will be responsible for overseeing advertising-related VFX project work, staffing the growing commercial wing and expanding and establishing client relationships in a wide array of industry categories.
published 4 years ago   read more
Luma Reunites With Familiar Faces On Marvel Pictures’ “The Avengers”
No Bridge Too Far For Luma on “The Avengers” – Helicarrier Bridge, Character Work, Tornadoes and Environmental Effects Inhabit Marvel’s New Blockbuster
Visual effects stronghold, Luma Pictures reunited with a familiar cast of characters on Marvel Studios’ highly anticipated “The Avengers.” Having previously worked on “Captain America,” and “Thor,” Luma has developed a strong kinship with the Marvel Universe and jumped at the opportunity to add their unique brand of visual effects to the new film. Luma’s work on “The Avengers” includes the creation and extension of the Helicarrier ship bridge during pivotal scenes, tornado effects and donning of Thor’s mystical armor, and multiple exterior environments.
published 4 years ago   read more
Luma Pictures Animates “Underworld: Awakening” Über Lycan with OptiTrack Motion Capture System
Optical Mocap Set-up Used by “Underworld: Awakening” Animation Team and Directors as a Previs and Animation Tool; Behind the Scenes Video Just Released
Translating concept art and storyboards into the animated mannerisms of a larger-than-life CG monster is challenging for even the most talented animators. Luma Pictures – the team responsible for character development, animation, and film VFX for the Über Lycan in “Underworld: Awakening” – addressed this challenge with the assistance of an OptiTrack motion capture system, installed on-site at their Santa Monica studio.
published 4 years ago   read more
Luma Pictures Saddles Up with the Coens for “True Grit”
VFX Studio Completes Fourth Collaboration with Academy Award®-Winning Directors
"True Grit", from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions, opening nationwide today, marks the fourth collaboration between Luma Pictures and Academy Award®-winning directors Joel and Ethan Coen.
published 5 years ago   read more
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