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modo Goes High Fashion for “Project Runway” Contestant’s Lookbook
News: modo Goes High Fashion for “Project Runway” Contestant’s LookbookPhotorealistic 3D Environments Provide Backdrop for Live Action Models and their Avant-Garde Attire
When your clothes say “more,” their environment must say “less.” That’s the first rule of making a garment pop. As a contestant on “Project Runway”’s 10th season, Elena Slivnyak used this idea to her creative advantage during the competition, all while staying within a modest budget. The secret was Luxology’s modo 601; a world-class 3D animation, modeling, and rendering software that tied her lookbook’s avant-garde aesthetic to stylish 3D environments. The results were très magnifique.
published 3 years ago   read more
Luxology Ships NPR Kit for modo
News: Luxology Ships NPR Kit for modoNon-Photorealistic Rendering Kit Produces Hand-Drawn and Traditional Looks for Architectural, Fine Art, and Technical Illustration Projects
Sometimes photoreal is too real. Artists need options, clients want choices, and ideas rarely fit under one umbrella. Today, freedom can be found in Luxology’s NPR Kit for modo – a non-photorealistic rendering package that allows expressive, hand-drawn looks and animations to be achieved in 3D renderings. With this new all-in-one kit, modo 601® users will now be able to access classic art styles when rendering anything from product visualizations to anime and fine art.
published 3 years ago   read more
modo 601 a Main Attraction in CoSA VFX Pipeline
News: modo 601 a Main Attraction in CoSA VFX PipelineInvisible Effects for Major Feature Films and TV Shows Achieved with modo-to-Nuke Workflow
VFX don’t always need to be blatant to be effective; sometimes they just need to blend in. With a long list of TV show and film post-production jobs under their belt, Los Angeles’ CoSA VFX has turned fooling the audience into a strong business - a business that runs on Luxology®’s modo®, and The Foundry’s Nuke.
published 3 years ago   read more
Luxology Ships Power SubD-NURBS for modo
News: Luxology Ships Power SubD-NURBS for modoExporter Lets Users Prototype Virtually Any Organic Surface in modo and Convert the Results into NURBS-based File Formats
Luxology® LLC today announced the immediate availability of Power SubD-NURBS for modo®, a plug-in that allows designers to automatically convert Subdivision surface meshes into NURBS-based CAD formats that can be exported directly to standard CAD systems.
published 4 years ago   read more
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