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News: da Vinci Systems Sees RED
News: da Vinci Systems Sees RED

Last Updated: September 9, 2008 3:09 pm GMT

(IBC- Amsterdam, Netherlands--September 16, 2008) da Vinci Systems, a leading provider of color enhancement and image restoration products used in post-production facilities worldwide, today announced that the company will support REDCODE RAW™ as a native format for color grading and finishing productions that utilize RED camera systems.

da Vinci is already engaged in the process of integrating REDCODE RAW with da Vinci’s advanced Resolve® color grading system. When completed, the systems integration will enable colorists to grade native RED files directly from a SAN and other storage devices for nonlinear, real-time color finishing.

"da Vinci is committed to providing the highest quality results from any digital acquisition system," said Dean Lyon, director of marketing at da Vinci. "In response to the input of our customers worldwide, we have opted to lead with RED."

A majority of all RED projects are already being finished on da Vinci systems. The integration will provide a greatly enhanced workflow in terms of performance and quality.