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News: Petrol Bags Intro’s new DSLR Carriers at NAB Booth C6034
News: Petrol Bags Intro’s new DSLR Carriers at NAB Booth C6034

Last Updated: March 3, 2011 5:03 pm GMT

(Valley College, New York--March 25, 2011) Petrol Bags™, a Vitec Group brand, will introduce a full line of Carriers and smart Raincovers for video-enabled DSLR at NAB in their C6030 booth. Now Petrol Bags gives you a real choice of carrying options so there’s the perfect system for any production professional.

An array of new video-enabled DSLR backpacks will be shown, including the DSLR/Personal Computer Backpack, ultra-lightweight while offering maximum protection; the hiker’s DSLR Campack Plus, designed to carry up to two video-enabled DSLR cameras and a laptop with up to a 17” screen; and the small-sized Digiback Jr. DSLR Backpack, a smart and ergonomic solution for DSLR transporting and carrying.

When it comes to rolling bags, Petrol will showcase the DSLR Camera Rollpak, a 2-in-1 professional camera trolley and backpack; and the Deca Rolling U-Bag that provides a versatile, semi-hard camera bag carries designed to be easily carried over the shoulder or to roll on a hide-away wheel and tote assembly.

For those days when the rain never stops, Petrol provides a new Transparent DSLR Plus Rain Cover, and the Deca Sound Man Rain Poncho, which is sized to comfortably cover the soundperson with a mixer and fully-loaded audio bag.

Petrol will also debut a DSLR version of its classic doctor bag, the Dr. DSLR Camera Bag, and a shippable DigiSuite DSLR Camera Case with semi-hard suitcase-style carrier design.

In the Live Event Area of the Vitec Group exhibition, hot topics and tips will be featured in eight daily 30-minute sessions. On Monday at 11am, Tuesday 3pm, and Wednesday at 1:30pm, visit the session on “Accessorizing the Latest Hot Cameras.”

For further information, please go to or contact: Petrol Bags, 709 Executive Blvd., Valley College, NY 10989, Phone: 845-268-0100, Fax: 845-268-0113, Email:

Petrol is a leading producer of professional carrying bags and accessories for portable cameras, lighting, audio, support and other production equipment. The Petrol product family encompasses a full line of layered, multi-compartment bags, backpacks, cases, pouches, protective gear and more. Petrol works closely with industry professionals to create carrying systems designed for safe transport as well as quick and easy access on the job. Along with five other leading brands in the broadcast industry, Petrol is part of Camera Dynamics Inc., which in turn is part of the Vitec Group of companies.