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News: Sportsbeams™ Brings LED Broadcast Lighting Advantages to Sports
News: Sportsbeams™ Brings LED Broadcast Lighting Advantages to Sports

Last Updated: May 5, 2015 4:05 am GMT

(May 6, 2015) Sportsbeams™ introduces new Stadium LED 1200 Lights. Designed by members of the Emmy® award-winning team that revolutionized broadcast lighting, Sportsbeams brings the benefits of proprietary broadcast quality LED lighting to sports venues including: reliability, safety, quality of light, energy savings, compact form factor, and instant on/off. This new technology is made for stadiums and arenas doing relights—replacing existing legacy metal halide fixtures, and new venues requiring ground-up installations.

The Stadium 1200 was created from scratch to provide outstanding sports venue illumination with innovative fixture design, specialized optics, and hand-picked LEDs, optimized for live and broadcast viewers. Each fixture produces 120,000 lumens of light, harnessed into a proprietary asymmetrical beam pattern beam just 35° wide (other options available) for unprecedented even output. This patent-pending design produces superior, smooth lighting across the sports field, and virtually eliminates the inverse square law of light loss over distances. Due to minimized glare and up light, they provide vastly superior night sky performance.

The inherent quality of Sportbeams’ proprietary LED technology has proven to provide cleaner, clearer, sharper imagery—without the misty artifacts of legacy lights, or wasted spill light annoying the audience. Due to Sportsbeams’ focused, shadow-free output, spillover and glare are minimized, so athletes don’t need to compensate for Halide haze and can better judge ball movement speed for their own safety and performance. Spectators also benefit, whether viewing live, on television, or on mobile devices.

Created by the leading LED broadcast lighting experts, Sportsbeams lighting is broadcast camera friendly, without the low color fidelity and off-color cast typical of other LED stadium lighting fixtures. With a true broadcast grade color-rendering index (CRI) rating of over 90, color rendition is far closer to reality. To enhance slow-motion replays, Sportsbeams LEDs operate flicker free at any frame rate—even accommodating super-slow motion cameras.

These new LED fixtures operate for 200,000+ hours at a constant light level without bulb changes, totally eliminating light level reduction that’s standard with metal halide. An HID lamp will see 50% of its lifetime fadeout in just 300 hours. Sportsbeams eliminates time-consuming and expensive bulb change-outs, readjusting throughout the season for metal halide fadeout, and assures a constant color temperature of 4500°K (other options available), thought the long LED life. Sportsbeams requires only half the fixtures as compared to HID fixtures, which reduces load on the venue’s electrical grid and translates into immediate savings in electrical bills.

To prevent dreaded power interruptions, Sportsbeams provides “instant-on” restrike capability so the lights are up and running again in seconds. To protect against longer-term outages, an optional battery backup module is available that automatically supplies full power to the fixture for over an hour. Sportsbeams fixtures are also used to generate lighting effects for enhanced fan experience, and can be lit again immediately, without restrike delay or cool-down time that’s inherent with traditional stadium lighting fixtures.

The Stadium 1200 is encased in a watertight housing that meets the IP65 specification, so there’s no worry about damage from inclement weather. Additionally, the fixtures’ rugged electronics offer intelligent electronics protection.

Sportsbeams fixtures, can light full, ground-up stadiums, partial retrofits, or phased conversions. The new fixtures are designed to drop into the existing lighting infrastructure. Unlike the HID fixtures they replace—as soon as they are switched on, they provide full illumination at their precise color temperature, without a warm-up period.

Each Stadium 1200 fixture weighs 78 pounds (35 kg) and measures 24” x 24” x 36” (61 x 61x 91cm). For more information and sales inquiries visit or contact, +1 972 665 8295.