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News: Mediaware Presents Matrix For The First Time In Europe At Ibc 2015
News: Mediaware Presents Matrix For The First Time In Europe At Ibc 2015

Last Updated: September 9, 2015 11:09 pm GMT

(CANBERRA, Australia--September 4, 2015) General Dynamics Mediaware, experts in compressed domain digital television technologies, will showcase its Matrix integrated technology package for the first time at IBC 2015.

Designed for broadcasters using compressed video for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television, Matrix allows operators to flexibly configure Mediaware stream processing technologies, including its InStream Delay and InFuze logo insertion software, in the form of modules operating within a consolidated technology platform.

Current Matrix modules include time delay, real-time logo insertion and audio loudness control. All modules can operate on single program transport stream (SPTS) and statistically multiplexed services in multi-program transport stream (MPTS) for ASI and IP.

In addition, Matrix’s unique transport stream processing mode modifies transport stream packets without the need to re-multiplex, negating the need for highly complex stream reconstruction, simplifying implementation and considerable cost savings.

“This type of graphics, branding, and playout technology package is relatively new for the industry,” commented Mr Garrick Simeon, Managing Director of General Dynamics Mediaware.

“While common in the hardware space, integrating software in this manner is a new trend. Matrix recognises that broadcast systems are constantly evolving and our software needs to be flexible to accommodate customers changing requirements. Matrix has been designed to adapt to the needs of operators by offering a consolidated platform for our stream processing technologies in the form of pluggable modules. It can be easily adapted and modules used can be scaled up or down to meet demand, much like the familiar hardware based modular chassis of old.”

Visitors to the stand (5.A26), will be able to see full demonstrations of Matrix along with its HEVC ready, industry leading ad insertion platform, InStream.