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News: Vectracom to digitize RTS's radio legacy archive
News: Vectracom to digitize RTS's radio legacy archive

High-end equipment, high level of supervision throughout the process for high quality mass digitization

Last Updated: October 10, 2015 4:10 pm GMT

(Paris, France--October 3, 2015) Vectracom, a leading provider of media preservation and valorization services today announced it has been selected by RTS, a member of the SSR SRG Group, Radio Télévision Suisse to digitize a large part of their audio archive. More than 80,000 hours of their audio heritage will move from about 140 000 ¼” open reel tapes to digital files over four years.

This represents the recordings produced by RTS for Radio-Lausanne and Radio-Genève from 1951 to 2001. It consists of a mix of spoken content (interview, news stories, etc.) and musical production.

Vectracom is the single supplier for this large scale-outsourced digitization project, providing end-to-end service offering from logistics, ingest, mass parallelized digitization with 8 channels, automatic supervision and quality control process to the final delivery of BWF files embedding media and metadata.

The highest audio quality is requested by RTS to preserve the value of their legacy archive. Spoken content will be converted to 48 kHz/24bits and musical production to 96 kHz/24bits and all files and processes will comply with IASA recommendations.

To fulfill the quality requirements of RTS, Vectracom will use digital encoders from Weiss, a company renowned for its high-end quality equipment. In addition, all steps of the project will be under the control of the Vectracomworkflow manager. Vectracom solution includes not only the latest generation of digitization tools but also legacy players that are maintained and operated by a highly qualified staff.Thanks to this vintage equipment and skills, Vectracom is among the few service providers capable of offering such service (Studer A807 and A810 professional tape recorders are used for this project).

Vectracom workflow management system which manages the complete production chain is combined with Quadriga and Dobbin automated solutions from Cube-Tec for ingest control as well as files analysis and standardization. As RTS already used such solution, their compatibility requirements for this project are thus ensured.

Finally, to reinforce RTS confidence, Vectracom shares online with RTS the conditions of the 8 ingest channels thanks to “trusted playback”, another solution from Cube-Tec.

The production process has recently started under the joint supervision of Vectracom and RTS specialists.

« Audio archives are part of our cultural heritage and we were looking for a single supplier able to deploy a high quality, reliable and secure solution for digitizing our audio archives” said Patricia Herold, Manager of digital department, RTS. “Vectracom fully understood our needs and were able to tailor an offering that meets our expectations. It will enable to deliver high quality digitized audio content that ensures preservation and allows maximizing the potential of our audio heritage”.

“We have a proven experience of more than twenty years, paying close attention to customer needs and continuously enhancing our service platform with state of the art and efficient systems. We have been able to tailor a service guaranteeing an exceptional quality to preserve RTS heritage” said Laurent Gignoux, CEO, Vectracom.

Interesting to note that RTS renewed its confidence in Vectracom with this contract as the company already digitized a part of the RTS Video heritage a few years ago.

Cube-Tec together with RTS and Vectracom will give a presentation at the IASA 2015 Annual Conference in Paris on September 30thon this project. For more information, please click on:

About Vectracom:

Vectracom is a service company specialized in preservation and valorization of audiovisual heritage (films, video and audio). Every year, it digitizes from 100 000 hours to 200 000 hours of all types of content regardless the physical media for broadcasters, administrations, corporates, museums, associations. Vectracom is the leading mass digitization company in Europe with proven expertise and references that you could expect from a service provider for critical or large projects. Founded in 1991, Vectracom operates worldwide with offices in Europe, North Africa and USA. For more information about Vectracom, please visit

About RTS:

As a member of the SSR SRGgroup, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) broadcasts its public-service programmes via four radio stations, two TV channels and several interactive platforms. Based in Geneva and Lausanne, RTS has an office in each French-speaking canton, as well as correspondents in Berne, Zurich, Lugano and the main foreign capitals. RTS programmes are intended for a French-speaking Swiss audience, mainly resident in the French-speaking part of Switzerland (population 1.9 million). But many of RTS’s television programmes are broadcast worldwide through TV5 Monde. The same is true for all the radio and TV programmes which are produced by RTS, which are freely accessible online in all countries.