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News: Camera Corps Makes Large Investment in New Video Production Equipment
News: Camera Corps Makes Large Investment in New Video Production Equipment

Last Updated: December 12, 2016 9:12 am GMT

(London, UK--December 1, 2016) Camera Corps announces a massive expansion to the stock of equipment which it offers as part of its support service for television programme production companies and broadcasters. The new investment totals over £2 million and reconfirms Camera Corps as Europe's largest and most experienced specialist in wet and dry hire for the creative media sector. The expanded inventory includes an extra 137 cameras plus a large number of GoPro 4K miniature camcorders, 62 remotely controllable pan/tilt heads, 50 mini-joystick remote pan/tilt controllers, 82 lenses, 90 remote control interface processors, 250 power supply units, 140 picture monitors, 90 lighting panels, 48 fibre-optic link systems, 50 fibre/cable hybrid link systems, 3 km of data cables, 4 km of 12-way control cables, 5 km of high-definition video cables, 400 specialist cables, 70 embedded-audio cables, audio processors, a Polecam camera crane and over 500 Peli cases.

"2016 has proved a tremendous year in terms of repeat business and new custom," says Camera Corps founder and managing director Laurie Frost. "Television technology is developing very quickly which creates an ever-expanding horizon of new opportunities. At the front end of the production chain, our investment in Antelope Pico cameras allows us to capture sports action for slow-motion viewing. As well as its high frame rate output, the Pico simultaneously delivers 1080i50/60 via HD-SDI and can store to its internal memory. To reduce size, the camera head can be separated from its CCU by up to 80 metres of coax. For 'the big one' in Rio, we mounted the Pico on an Egripment 305 robotic head running along our own-design Vault Track to capture close-up action shots of sports events such as gymnastics. The combination worked beautifully."

"A key part of the Camera Corps skillset is knowing which equipment to invest in," adds operations manager Neil Ashworth. "We know which cameras and optics deliver the best pictures, which remote heads are the most stable and versatile, and how to combine the various elements into systems which are easy to install, configure and operate. That includes camera installations at heights or depths which most technicians would consider beyond the normal call of duty. This year we also produced additional or expanded motorised tracking systems for a considerable number of projects including a summer 2016 series of sports events in Brazil. All of these are now safely back at base and supplement our existing rental stock. They include new Camera Corps Standard Tracking systems, Q-Track, Boxing Track and extended Vault Track, plus a newly designed wire-suspended overhead camera support."

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Camera Corps
A Vitec Group company, Camera Corps ( specialises in providing remote camera solutions for reality television shows as well as very large-scale sports, entertainment and stage events. Camera Corps has achieved a pre-eminent reputation for its ability to acquire exciting and unusual television content from exceptionally challenging environments. The Camera Corps equipment fleet includes HotShots, MiniShots, an array of remote specialist cameras and lenses, remote underwater systems, cranes, platforms and dollies. Equipment of Camera Corps' own design includes the iconic Q-Ball as well as many other bespoke camera systems as well as Halibut HD, Plunge Cam, HD Pod, Cricket Stump Cam and Turn Cam plus a wide range of miniature devices such a wearable cameras with the latest high-performance wireless links.