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News: Lucky 21 Director Norry Niven Films Woman-Powered Famous Footwear Ad For The Richards Group
News: Lucky 21 Director Norry Niven Films Woman-Powered Famous Footwear Ad For The Richards Group

Last Updated: December 12, 2016 8:12 pm GMT

(December 6, 2016) The new spot for Famous Footwear, directed by Norry Niven for The Richards Group, is an empowering and poetic call to #stepforward. In the piece, women of different backgrounds move confidently towards the camera, their words aimed to challenge a better future with that first step. View it here: “This spot was a gutsy choice for a retailer, especially around the Holidays, because it’s really about launching a movement that will last past this season,” explains Brand Creative Group Head: Chris Smith. “The ‘Step Forward’ idea isn’t just about the shoes; it’s about what you’ll be inspired to accomplish in them. So this spot needed to feel epic and anthemic, but also personal and intimate.”

The project, Niven’s first via Lucky 21, harnessed the director’s talent for blending style and impact. The award-winning director relates that a number of the actors were moved to tears, “by masterful writing and poetry of the call to action.”

“It was a fine line to walk, and Norry did it beautifully,” recalls Smith. “He got each actress to find her own unique mix of confidence and honesty, of encouragement and challenge. We shot it again and again with a bunch of terrific actresses, and the words never lost their power. It was a really fun, really intense day.”

The commercial is part of an integrated campaign that will run across broadcast, digital video and display, streaming audio, and social media and will be a fixture of new in-store signage.

Agency: The Richards Group
Brand Creative Group Head: Chris Smith Brand Creative/Writer: Danny Bryan Brand Creative/Art Director: Dan Case Brand Creative/Art Director: Lynn Born Producer: Cassie Greenwald

Production: Lucky 21
Director: Norry Niven Executive Producer/Partner: John Gilliland Head of Production: Teresa Cameron Producer: Tyler Boylan

Post: Lucky Post
Editors: Marc Stone & Sai Selvarajan

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