Big Win for the National Lottery and Studio aka


BAFTA winning director Marc Craste chose a route which played to aka's character design and animation strengths

Last Updated: March 30, 2006 4:53 pm GMT
(London, UK -- 30 March 2006) Sometimes an inspired client will tender a brief to a group of exceptionally talented designers and animators, and the work that emerges is proof of what good casting and minimal intervention can do, when handled with confidence. Studio aka's astoundingly appealing 'BIG WIN' is all that and more.

Commissioned for The National Lottery, via Agency AMV, this beautifully animated 60-second film is a charming way to advertise the National Lottery. The brief to Studio aka by AMV was very simple - 'a man is given a bag of smiles and he hands them out to everyone he meets' and the agency was keen that this be developed as an entertaining animated 'story of generosity'.

The Studio love this kind of simplicity in a brief and BAFTA winning director Marc Craste chose to pick up on this openness, suggesting a route which played to aka's character design and animation strengths. The resulting film leaps out of the screen, armed with enough wit and charm to set even the saddest toes tapping.

'BIG WIN' has a design influence that calls to mind some examples of Eastern European art house animation. The characters and their costumes were drawn in detail at an early stage whereas the sets and locations mainly evolved during the pre-viz, with constant design input from various members of the team - especially in the case of the town.

Philip Hunt, Creative Dir., Studio aka, concludes, 'Big Win' was an absolute gem. We really loved the idea from the moment we heard it and the agency and client wanted us to make an entertaining film that stood out among the crowd. We put forward a terrifically wide selection of routes to the agency team and they fell upon Marc's brilliant proposal - with all its charm.

The universally appealing characters Marc devised gave our 3D team at Studio aka a chance to really show off what they can do – it was a gift, as this kind of character animation is what we all really love to do here. Our best creative work and our happiest clients result from ideas that are kept simple, when casting is decisively made and both agency and client understand how to plant an idea and let it grow. The level of performance, design and storytelling that Marc was able to bring out of the idea is utterly disarming and you'll be singing the song for weeks!"

National Lottery "The Big Win"
Title: "The Big Win"
Length: 1 X 60 SECONDS
Client: Camelot
Agency: Amv Bbdo
Agency Producer: Celestine Hall
Production Company: Studio Aka
Director: Marc Craste
Producer: Nikki Kefford-White
3d Team: Andy Staveley
Fabrice Altman
James Gailard
Chris Syborn
Matt Morris
Rob Latimer
3d Animators: Joris Van Hulzen
Boris Kossmehl
Fabienne Rivory
Dave Antrobus
Ben Boquelet
Abraham Meneu Oset
AE /Compositing: Will Eagar
Editor: Nic Gill
Production Assistant: Cat Scott

Big Win was animated using SOFTIMAGE | XSI and composited in Adobe AE.


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