Sorenson Squeeze 6 Customers Leverage Industry-Best Workflow to Create Top-Quality Video Content


Sorenson Squeeze 6 Customers Leverage Product’s Industry-Best Workflow, New Review and Approval Process to Create Top-Quality Video Content for Sprint, Xbox 360

Last Updated: January 21, 2010 10:24 pm GMT
(San Diego, California--January 21, 2010) Shannon Dunn can attest to the game-changing impact of Sorenson Squeeze 6, the latest incarnation of Sorenson Media’s pioneering video encoding solution.

“There is nothing that can touch Sorenson Squeeze 6 for creating, editing and managing Internet video,” said Dunn, senior editor for Sprint’s Creative Media Services group, the video production arm of the telecom giant’s corporate communications division. “We produce hundreds of videos every year, and Sorenson Squeeze saves us untold time and energy.”

Sorenson Squeeze 6 is an intuitive, total video workflow solution that enables video professionals, small businesses and large enterprise customers alike to quickly and easily deliver exceptional video quality in all of the leading video formats – from Flash and VC-1 to H.264 and HD for MPEG-2.

One of the most significant value-adding features of Sorenson Squeeze 6 is its innovative new review and approval process made available through integration with the Sorenson 360 online video platform. “Seamless integration of our Sorenson 360 video delivery network represents a huge leap forward. There is nothing else like our total video solution in the marketplace,” said David Dudas, vice president of product development for Sorenson Media. “Because we have integrated Sorenson 360 into Squeeze 6, our customers get it all in one easy-to-use solution – our award-winning differentiated client-side encoding, as well as a true hosted solution for the storage and delivery of their video content.”

The review and approval process in Sorenson Squeeze 6 enables real-time collaboration. With Squeeze 6, the creator of the video content can automatically send an email or SMS text with a secure link to the video. The recipient then views the video and provides immediate feedback to the content creator, who can then make changes until all parties have approved the content.

“Sorenson Squeeze has enabled me to protect our brand and effectively manage the process of approvals and posting,” said Dunn, who must get approval from a handful of stakeholders for each project he completes. “We no longer undergo the inconvenient process of posting video files to an FTP site for each iteration of the video creation process – and files don’t get downloaded and posted prematurely.”

Another compelling benefit of Sorenson Squeeze 6 is the publishing presets feature, which enables Dunn and his team to create and distribute multiple files at once. “When I finish developing a video, I can just drag and drop a preset to the video and automatically output it to multiple locations in a variety of different formats,” Dunn added. “For example, using the same video file we can send out an uncompressed QuickTime file for archiving; a 256k WMV file for publishing on lots of portals; a file to an FTP site for clients; and a view-ready QuickTime file in 360 for internal review.”

Along the same vein, Valerie Junge, film editor at Big Sky Editorial, uses Sorenson Squeeze in all of the projects she edits for her high-profile clients, including celebrated Web viral videos such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 campaign “Behind the Fun,” featuring “Glee” star Jane Lynch. The Web virals, which Junge worked on with the T.A.G. unit of McCann Worldgroup, exclusively utilize Sorenson Squeeze 6 encoding.

“Sorenson Squeeze is the only product we use,” said Junge. “The process is so user-friendly and efficient, and the quality is so high that it is uncommon for anyone to ask for tapes or DVDs for approvals. We use Sorenson Squeeze to post high-quality rough cuts for online review and approval; it enables us to show our client a true representation of how the video content will really look. Our clients are always satisfied when they see their work posted on our site.”

Junge added that Sorenson Squeeze 6 is singularly effective performing across multiple formats, including HD. “We like to work in a HD environment here, and Sorenson Squeeze performs much better in HD than competing products do,” said Junge. “We are really big on quality control, and Sorenson Squeeze is reliable and works with any combination of platforms and applications. That is why it is a permanent component of our workflow.”

Pricing and Availability

Sorenson Squeeze 6 and Sorenson Squeeze 6 for Flash are available immediately for electronic download or for shipping in CD form. Sorenson Squeeze 6 is $799 and Sorenson Squeeze 6 for Flash is $499. Upgrades from previous versions of Sorenson Squeeze begin at $199. The complimentary one-year Sorenson 360 Review & Approval account includes 5 gigabytes (GB) of storage, 100 streams per month and a maximum video length of 30 minutes.

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Sorenson Media ( ) offers comprehensive, award-winning solutions that empower businesses and video professionals to easily and affordably publish the highest-quality video to the Internet and other media. Included among its products and services are the Sorenson 360 Video Delivery Network (VDN), Sorenson Media’s re-imagined video publishing platform; Sorenson Squeeze, the gold-standard for video encoding applications; Sorenson Squish and SquishNet, which together create an easy-to-use browser-based video publishing platform for user-generated content; and Sorenson Spark, the industry’s most widely used video codec, which enables mobile devices and other consumer products to playback the largest selection of video on the Internet today. Since its inception in 1995, Sorenson Media has been instrumental in bringing Internet video to mainstream applications and is committed to dramatically improving the online video experience for both content creators and consumers.

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