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Last Updated: March 22, 2011 5:26 pm GMT
(Ware, UK--March 22, 2011) Rushes Post Production, London, have announced the purchase of a diTTo evolution film scanner from Cintel International. The diTTo evolution will scan 35mm 2, 3 and 4-perf. film as well as 16mm film to 2K and 4K data for grading in the Resolve Colour Correction suite.

Rushes’ Technical Director Tim Wharton remarked; “Image quality is the major consideration in everything we do at Rushes and the images from diTTo evolution are second to none. We primarily work in 2K DPX files and diTTo evolution captures the full dynamic range and resolution of the negative with rock solid pin-registration stability which is essential to enable maximum flexibility in the visual effects compositing and colour correction stages. In addition to this, the EDL handling capabilities of diTTo evolution, coupled with its fast shuttle capability and scanning speed make the film scanning workflow very efficient.”

Cintel’s Business Development Manager Simon Clark commented; “We are very pleased to see our latest film scanner being chosen by one of the finest post production facilities in the world. Rushes have a great reputation for quality in everything they do whether it be commercials, music promos or features and we’ve worked closely with them to ensure diTTo evolution meets their demands for high quality and efficient film scanning.”

diTTo evolution utilises an ultra bright and ultra stable Red Green Blue L.E.D. light source and a high density range area array CCD camera to scan film at very high resolutions at a fast speed.

diTTo evolution is the first film scanner which can be instantly switchable from pin registration to non-pin mode allowing flexibility to scan all different types of film from new negative to older shrunken prints. The upgrade paths to internal film grain management and image stabilisation make diTTo evolution a film scanner suitable for any film scanning application.

About Cintel
Cintel International has been providing film scanning products and post production solutions to the world for over 80 years and has constantly evolved and adapted to the requirements of the broadcast, post production and archive market places.


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