CHV releases new plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5


CHV-Electronics updates all FxPlug plugins to be fully compatible with the new release of Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Last Updated: July 15, 2011 11:43 pm GMT
(July 15, 2011) CHV-Electronics Inc., software developer of plugins for Final Cut Pro, Motion and Final Cut Express since 2002, is pleased to announce today that all available FxPlug plugin packages and QC Integration FX from CHV are now fully compatible with Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

CHV is proud to be the first FxPlug plugin developer to release any new native plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 after Apple made the FxPlug 2.0 Software Developer Kit for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 available for all developers Version 2.0.0 is based on the new FxPlug SDK V2.0 and takes full advantage of Snow Leopards's new 64-bit architecture.

The new plugin packages are:
  • Particles Heaven FX is the first native particle emitter for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. This package also includes a series of ready-to-use templates for Final Cut Pro X. The templates can be modified without any restriction by the user to create even more effects or to adapt the effects to fit the personal meeds.

  • Morphing FX is the first ever native morph effect plugin package ever for Motion 5. You can create a morph effect with Motion 5 and use it directly with Final Cut Pro X.

  • Shining FX is a set of 11 hardware accelerated real-time FxPlug plugins dedicated to creating high-quality glow, shine and volumetric light effects. A large set of parameters make these plugins highly versatile and you can make them look different each time you use them.

  • Magic 3D FX is a set of four FxPlug plugins to create stunning 3D effects. Effects like the creation of an animated filmstrip, a plane with hundreds of video clips an a 3 dimensional cube can be setup in a matter of seconds.

  • QC Integration FX allows the user to do even more than any other plugin package. Using Apple's Quartz Composer technology this package provides the user with almost 100 plugins and also the most advanced plugin platform to quickly create and modify plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. QC Integration FX is specifically designed to enable the user to build FxPlug plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 and also to build plugins for sale with copyright-protection. Third party developers can create Quartz Composer based visual effects and sell them securely on their own with CHV's unmatched copy-protection system preventing the uncontrolled distribution of serial numbers.

  • Key Pro is an AddOn plugin package for QC Integration FX. Key Pro includes 5 video filters to handle all tasks related to greenscreen and bluescreen keying, like keying, spill suppression, create a clean plate and adding ambient light spill to a keyed object.

  • Svengali Rays Pro is an AddOn plugin package for QC Integration FX that creates volumetric light effects that starts right at the source (unlike most other light spill plugins). This makes your light spill effect shine and glow like no other.

    3D Video is an AddOn plugin package for QC Integration FX. This video filter that expands an image or video clip in up to 256 three dimensional layers. The layering is controlled by the brightness of the RGB/YUV channels of the image or video itself or another video or image. You can rotate the camera around the 3D object and distort and bend the layers in many different ways.

  • Towers of Film 3D FX is a free plugin that creates a 3 dimensional city. You can take the camera als fly around the city and over the streets.

All new plugins are a separate download and can be used in a mixed Final Cut Pro X / Final Cut Pro 7 environment.

It is not necessary to purchase Motion 5 from Apple to use CHV's plugins with Final Cut Pro X.

All plugin packages are also available for Final Cut Pro 5, 6 and 7 and Motion 2, 3 and 4.

The new plugin package are compatible with all Intel Mac computers on OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that are qualified to run Final Cut Pro X or Motion 5.

All FxPlug plugin packages from CHV-electronics are GPU-accelerated, using the full power of the installed graphics adapter for direct feedback and fast rendering.

QC Integration FX: $ 95
Key Pro: $ 95
Svengali Rays Pro: $ 55
3D Video: $ 55

FxPlug-Bundle (bundles Morphing FX, Magic 3D FX, Particles Heaven FX and Shining FX): $ 254
Morphing FX: $ 65
Particles Heaven FX: $95
Shining FX: $ 75
Magic 3D FX: $ 65

The update is free for existing customers.

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