Biscardi Creative completes Season One of This American Land


Last Updated: November 8, 2011 6:05 pm GMT
(Buford, Georgia--November 8, 2011) Biscardi Creative Media (BCM) has completed post production for season one (13 episodes) of the new PBS television series, "This American Land." BCM Principal, Walter Biscardi, Jr. is Managing Producer and Post Production supervisor of the series which is the first to come out of their new 6,000 square foot location opened recently in Buford, GA. “We’ve been working with Executive Producer, Gary Strieker, for years on environmental news stories and now we’re finally able to launch the concept as a national television series,” notes Biscardi. “Gary is one of the most respected environmental correspondents in the world and to be able to help him bring this series to air is a real honor for the entire team at BCM.”

Strieker heads a veteran team of environmental and science journalists exploring the country for stories focused on the conservation of America's waters, wildlife and landscapes. Longtime environmental correspondent Bruce Burkhardt hosts the series and is joined by newcomer Caroline Raville.

Biscardi says the biggest challenge for the BCM team was managing the range of production formats for the series. “Gary has a team of photographers around the country who use a variety of cameras so just name a format and it was probably in the series, both standard and high definition. That can create a problem in Post if you don’t manage the formats correctly.” The editors converted all the raw material into 1080i ProRes files prior to the edit using AJA Video Systems Kona hardware video cards and various software solutions. “The key is to convert everything correctly before you start the edit or you’ll end up with video that looks like soft focus or even worse, you get bad interlacing artifacts which leads to a poor viewer experience.”

Shared storage, and a lot of it, helped the BCM team turn around the 13 episodes in a very tight timetable. Editors Adrienne Latham and R. John Becker cut the shows via a Small Tree Communications ethernet based shared storage system. “We’ve been using ethernet based shared storage going on three years now and still amazes me that we can cut high definition across all of our workstations using the same cable most folks use to surf the internet” says Biscardi. “The biggest advantage is the greatly reduced cost over a comparable fibre channel based system. This allows us to pass along savings to our client via reduced rates. Additionally, we can connect any client computer directly to the SAN allowing them to review project materials on their own laptops during a session.” BCM has a total of 6 edit workstations and 7 iMacs that can all access the shared storage for editing and media asset cataloguing.

Gary Strieker and Series Producer Marsha Walton are already in pre-production for Season Two of This American Land with new episodes expected to start delivering early in 2012. To learn more about the series visit

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