Therapy Editor McCasey Delivers Timeless Childhood for Werther's


Last Updated: February 13, 2012 10:21 pm GMT
(Los Angeles, California--February 13, 2012) Los Angeles-based Therapy editor Kristin McCasey stitches together wistful, childlike enchantment in the new :60 “Magic” for Werther’s out of Sterling Rice Group, Boulder, CO. The spot depicts the magical transformation of a woman back to her girlhood self through the timeless love of her Werther’s candies.

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We open on an attractive young woman moving quickly through a quaint town square, when her attention is caught by a window display of chocolates. As she approaches the window, her reflection changes to that of herself as a little girl and, as the camera moves into the shop’s interior, the woman herself is transformed into her girlhood self. With a friendly smile, a kindly shopkeeper beckons the girl into the store and she passes into a timeless confectionery wonderland. Inside, diligent artisans loving craft candied apples, scrumptious caramels and other sweets for which Werthers is famous. The shopkeeper presents the awe-struck young girl with a bite-sized candy that she pops into her mouth, transporting her into a state of delectably sweetened bliss. We match cut back to the grown woman, dreamily enjoying her newly purchased bag of caramels outside the shop. As she walks away contentedly, the tagline “What comfort tastes like,” appears superimposed over the empty frame of the idyllic Werther’s shop.

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Agency: Sterling Rice Group, Boulder, CO

ECD: Steve Witt

AD: Chip Hisle

Producer: Wil Wilcox

Production Company: Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

Director: Linus Ewers

Executive Producer: Jim Evans

Head of Production: Geoffrey Campbell

Producer: Denny Kennedy

Editorial/VFX/Finish: Therapy, Los Angeles, CA

Editor: Kristin McCasey

Online & Compositing: Wren Waters

Online & Compositing: Omar Inguanzo

EP/Project Manager: Joe DiSanto

EP: John Ramsay

Design & Effects: Visual Creatures

Art Director/Partner: Ryan McNeely

Artist/Partner: John Cranston

EP/Project Manager: Joe DiSanto

Color: Ntropic

Colorist: Marshall Plante


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