Calibrated Software Delivers Native MXF Editing for Final Cut Pro X


Calibrated{Q} MXF Import Lets Users Import and Work with a Wide Range of MXF Files Directly in Final Cut X 10.0.6

Last Updated: October 25, 2012 9:52 pm GMT
(Austin, Texas--October 25, 2012) Calibrated Software, an innovator of applications and plug-ins for post-production workflows, announced today Calibrated{Q} MXF Import with native MXF editing support for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6.

“Calibrated Software understands that professionals need to work with and across a number of different shooting, editing and compression formats and we are focused on providing the tools that not only meet their unique workflow requirements but that also enhance the industry’s content creation products,” said Greg Booth, President, Calibrated Software. “The availability of Calibrated{Q} MXF Import expands Final Cut Pro X, and allows users the flexibility they require to import and natively work with a wide variety of MXF files.”

Calibrated{Q} MXF Import additionally features metadata support so file information may be viewed directly in Final Cut Pro X after importing MXF media. Calibrated{Q} Import Assist, a helper application included with Calibrated{Q} MXF Import, also extends the MXF workflow by allowing users to create an XML file, import it into Final Cut Pro X as a new Final Cut Pro X Event with MXF files and begin editing the material right away. If users prefer to cut with .MOV files, Calibrated{Q} Import Assist can create QuickTime Reference .MOV files or Self-Contained .MOV files, complete with embedded Final Cut Pro X metadata.

System Requirements
Native MXF file support requires Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.6 and Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OS X version 2.4.0. Please see the product spec page for further requirements.

Licensing & Pricing
Licenses for Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OS X are available at the Calibrated Software onlinestore. Current licensed Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OS X customers may also visit to upgrade to version 2.4.0 for free.

For more information, please see the Calibrated{Q} MXF Import webpage and userguide.

About Calibrated Software
Calibrated Software, Inc. develops applications and plug-ins for video, asset management and mobile workflows. Tools introduced by Calibrated Software are used across the professional media creation market to help customers open up new post-production workflows and navigate the evolving landscape of today's digital camera and file format technologies. Calibrated Software products include the Calibrated{Q} line of QuickTime import components and decode codecs for OS X and Windows. For further information, please visit


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