Latest Thunderbolt Tech Up to 10Gbps Both Channels - Netstor Lightning-Fast Desktop 8-Bay Thunderbolt RAID Storage Now Released


Last Updated: November 12, 2012 12:21 am GMT
(Taipei, Taiwan--November 12, 2012) Netstor NA762TB is the Thunderbolt desktop 8-bay RAID subsystem developed with most modern, 10Gb per second high-speed I/O technology and built with high-performance hardware RAID of 800MHz RAID-on-chip processor and 512MB ECC DDR2-800 memory in support of reliable RAID storage processing, fast delivery, and secure data protection ideal for video editing professionals in the fields of high-definition, 2K, 4K, and 3D stereoscopic digital content creation on any demanding configurations for the fastest ever available connection to both Thunderbolt-equipped desktop and laptop computer.

The Most Versatile Storage for Pro
The NA762TB is thoughtfully designed to provide two Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chain with host, upstream and downstream devices/display for accessible lightning-fast 10Gbps bi-directional data transfers and uninterruptible DisplayPort signal of both high-definition audio and video. Video editing professionals can also choose Netstor’s Thunderbolt PCIe expansion enclosure TurboBox™ to be daisy-chained with NA762TB storage for adding professional video capture cards to meet editors’ requirements on work for best solution.

Easy Maintenance for Real-Time Synchro
The Netstor desktop 8-bay RAID subsystem supports plug-n-play and is driver OS-embedded, functioning automatic powering on and off with host through Thunderbolt. The configuration and monitor of NA762TB is easy via program on host or web-based GUI by connection to the Ethernet port on storage. Through the innovative tech of Thunderbolt on NA762TB, video editors are able to transfer files of between HD and 4K and perform data backup within only a very short period of time, best and perfect for blazing-fast synchronization of content between devices.

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About Netstor
Netstor Technology focuses on the development of products on external SAS/SATA data storage and aims to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and high-performance SAS/SATA data backup solutions. Netstor develops complete storage product lines from desktop tower to 5U 48-bay rackmount disk array enclosures. Netstor has a worldwide distribution network covering IT, audio/video, telecom, DVR, CCTV, digital content creation, and educational, scientific industries. For more information about Netstor, please visit


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