Sony Professional Solutions Latin America offers a license of ASSIMILATE SCRATCH Lab with purchase of Sony F5/F55/F65 Digital Cinema Cameras


Last Updated: June 20, 2013 10:31 pm GMT
(Mexico City, Mexico--June 20, 2013) Sony Professional Solutions Latin America (PSLA) announced today that it is offering a FREE license of ASSIMILATE’s award-winning SCRATCH Lab Advanced Dailies software to their customers who purchase a high-end F5 and F55 CineAlta camera, together with the AXS-R5 Raw Recorder. The offer will also applies to buyers of Sony’s F65 camera. The license of SCRATCH Lab is fully functional, and offers users a powerful, widely adopted software solution to process and manage large amounts of data, color-correct, sync audio and transcode the stunning images from the entire range of Sony CineAlta cameras. Each customer will have access to one (1) license of SCRATCH Lab software free of charge through ASSIMILATE. Contact your local Sony PSLA Representative for the availability of this offer.

SCRATCH Lab provides filmmakers and on-set professionals an ACES-compliant toolset for real-time playback of 4K/2K RAW, while taking full advantage of the F55’s ultra-wide color gamut. In addition to RAW, artists can playback Sony’s XAVC in HD, 2K and 4K, as well as XDCAM 50Mbps in 4:2:2 mode. SCRATCH Lab also allows cinematographers to process the 6K and 8K images from the F65 sensor.

“Our new high-end CineAlta cameras have been very well received in Latin America, and so has SCRATCH Lab,” stated Andrew Nelles, senior marketing manager at Sony PSLA. “This powerful new combination offers our customers outstanding media processing and color-correction capabilities, while allowing them to transcode RAW and XAVC 2K / 4K files to virtually any other industry standard format.”

"ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH Lab has quickly become the go-to system for DITs and DPs to process images from advanced digital cinematic cameras because it has the features, functions and power to handle virtually any format, color space or resolution you can throw at it - at a price that is many times less than its competitors,” stated Nacho Mazzini, VP of sales at ASSIMILATE. “We’re excited that Sony is providing the power of SCRATCH Lab for FREE to their CineAlta camera customers, giving them the ability to maximize the potential of these amazing cameras."

Salvador De la Serna, marketing manager for Cinema Cameras at SONY PSLA, added “The unparalleled color space of the F55 and F65 coupled with the SCRATCH software allows for much more creative freedom then was previously available in the Post Production Process.”

A member of the Sony SRMASTER Alliance program and partner of Sony's Digital Motion Picture Center (DMPC), ASSIMILATE has a long tradition of being among the first to support new Sony technologies and initiatives including:

The CineAlta F65. SCRATCH and SCRATCH Lab were among the first to fully support the playback and processing of the F65 RAW and SR formats and the SLog2 gamma curve.

SCRATCH was used to produce the dailies and the digital intermediate (DI) for Fuerza Bruta: Wayra (2012), the world's first natural light production to shoot with F65 ( The trailer for Fuerza Bruta: Wayra debuted at Sony's DMPC in Culver City, CA in July 2012.

ACES. Shipping since November 2012, ASSIMILATE was one of the world's first dailies and DI software vendors to implement the ACES specification, including file format, color space and device and rendering transforms.

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