Hooligan & Table of Content Director Rick Knief Shine for Hawaiian Tropic’s “New Face” Campaign


Last Updated: September 5, 2013 7:04 am GMT
(New York, New York--September 5, 2013) NY-based editorial company Hooligan recently teamed up with Table of Content Director Rick Knief to help produce an interactive ad campaign for Hawaiian Tropic via Grey Advertising. The Hawaiian Tropic “New Face Contest and Sweepstakes” invited online voters to help crown the next spokesperson for the iconic sun-care brand as well as win prizes. The winner is 22-year-old Tampa Native Danielle Erb.

Hooligan, led by Editing Supervisor/Partner Eric Carlson, edited five unique video bios, one for each of the finalists whom Hawaiian Tropic selected from thousands of Facebook submissions nationwide. The editorial team included Pete Slife, Erin Bowser and Zach Hinden.

Offering an intimate look at the five finalists (Kylie, Austin, Vanessa, Rachel and Danielle), the 60-second videos consist of interviews, fashion shoots, brand and product testimonials, B-roll and photography. Each finalist shares her personal story as it pertains to being the woman who best embodies everything Hawaiian Tropic now stands for: beauty, confidence & style.

To view the finalist videos, please visit: https://apps.facebook.com/hawaiiantropic-tm/

“Rick’s enthusiasm was the key to getting everyone on board and making these films exceptional,” remarks Carlson. “While they were shot for the Web, they look as polished as TV spots. Not only are they well art directed and beautifully shot, the entire production was executed with sheer professionalism under Rick’s direction.”

“We took on an ambitious project, but we had a great time working on it,” Knief adds. “We shot run-and-gun documentary-style and then edited in multiple rooms at Hooligan in order to meet our deadline. Hooligan and all of the creatives at Grey were fantastic and very dedicated to the project.”

The two-day production took place in New York City on a Soho rooftop. Carlson attended the shoots in order to prepare his team for the short post-production turnaround.

“Being on set provided the necessary foresight for getting all of our editors on the same page,” recalls Carlson. “It just made sense to bring on three editors – we had the dailies on a Monday and finished the following Friday. Rick was a pure asset in the edit suite, and we worked around the clock with him to make the films fantastic and on time.”

Aside from meeting crucial deadlines, Carlson says having multiple editors on the job presented creative advantages that supported the social campaign’s interactive nature and concept.

“Pete, Erin, and Zach each brought their own aesthetic and something visually unique to their assignment,” says Carlson. “Rick wanted the women's unique personalities to shine through, which can be difficult to capture with just the shoot, so we tried to hone his ideas with editorial techniques. Ultimately, we wanted to do justice to Rick and the agency's vision – our work is as much a testament to their concept and directive.”

"Grey had a specific look and concept in mind,” concludes Knief. “Editorially, they liked examples of our work using split screens and thought it would be a great way to capture the essence of the girls in one-minute windows. My goal directing was all about finding five diverse women and highlighting their individual characteristics. Even though each videos is different, collectively they feel like one campaign, honest and real.”

Agency: Grey Advertising
Executive Creative Director/Writer: Elaine McCormick
Executive Creative Director/Art Director: Fran Sheff-Mauer
Writer: Nick Bakshi
Art Director: Shardae Mendes-De Jesus
Executive Producer: Brent Holt
Associate Producer: Keely Davenport

Production Company: Table of Content
Director: Rick Knief
Producer: Michelle Towse

Editorial: Hooligan
Executive Producer: Sue Wladar
Editing Supervisor: Eric Carlson
Editors: Pete Slife, Zach Hinden, Erin Bowser

Colorist: Matthew Rosenblum


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