Biscardi Creative Media Wraps-Up Season 3 Of Nationwide PBS Series "This American Land"


Last Updated: November 14, 2013 10:25 pm GMT
(Atlanta, Georgia--November 14, 2013) Biscardi Creative Media celebrates with Environment News Trust on the completion and wrap-up of Season Three of "This American Land," an original conservation series on public television stations nationwide. The series delivers engaging stories on America’s landscapes, waters and wildlife and takes viewers to the front lines of conservation, science and outdoor adventure.

“We’re very proud to have been involved with the launch of the series and now here we are wrapping up Season Three, it’s very exciting,” said Walter Biscardi, Jr., Founder of Biscardi Creative Media. “We believe in the overall message of This American Land. A message that isn’t often reported on.”

Biscardi Creative Media Editor, Kylee Wall, crafted compelling, informative and entertaining stories for the series over a four-month period. “One of my favorite stories was working with Producer Bruce Burkhardt on a piece that showcased a group in West Virginia working to designate a national monument in the Monongahela National Forest. It was beautifully shot and highlights a really interesting part of the country where seven rivers begin in the mountains,” commented Kylee.

According to Biscardi, the tools used to complete the series were vital this year. “Adobe Premiere Pro was a major asset. We worked with seven to ten inbound formats natively for each episode allowing us to get to the creative part of our jobs faster. The jump from Premiere Pro CS6 to pro CC was tremendous in the speed improvements under the hood of the application and responsiveness. Our nearly 100TB NAS from Small Tree Communication really showed its strength allowing us to complete editing, color correction and sound simultaneously all from one server.

Marsha Walton, Series Producer for This American Land commented, “It was critical for us this season to capture people having hands on experiences; whether it was highlighting the passion of students working to protect an endangered species or capturing the awe of someone visiting a national forest for the first time. Understanding is the key to protecting. Bringing that understanding to the masses is what fuels our passion for this project.”

Distributed nationwide by public television stations, audiences will find Season Three to be as informative as its predecessors. Viewers can check their local public television stations’ schedule for air dates of This American Land.

Located in Metro-Atlanta, GA, Biscardi Creative Media is a full service script-to-screen creation company at the forefront of creative media production. Emmy-award winning broadcast programming, episodics, commercials, feature films and industrial productions are some of the projects our storytellers bring to the screen every day. Sister company, MTWD Entertainment is an original content development company with a mission to seek out and develop engaging, original content & products for all media.

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Re: News: Biscardi Creative Media Wraps-Up Season 3 Of Nationwide PBS Series "This American Land"
by Jim Hines
Congratulations! I imagine that series is a pleasure to work on. Great pictures.
@Jim Hine
by Kylee Peña
Thank you! It really was a great show to cut.

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