Global TV Goes Live With PlayBox Technology AirBox


Last Updated: September 8, 2014 8:06 pm GMT
(Jakarta, Indonesia--September 8, 2014) PlayBox Technology announces the latest in a series of recent sales successes by its Jakarta-based distributor, Horizon Global Media. Global TV, which broadcasts free-to-air via terrestrial transmitters, satellite, cable and streaming media, has invested in an AirBox playout server for installation at its headquarters west of the city.

"AirBox now takes over as the primary playout source at Global TV whenever commercials are played," comments Stefanus Tandra, Senior Systems Engineer at Horizon Global Media. "It is being operated automatically under Video Disk Control Protocol from the existing server. Global TV is part of the Media Nusantara Citra group. Almost every channel in the group now uses PlayBox Technology servers both for main and backup feeds. The engineering and operating staff appreciate the reliability and ease of operation AirBox provides, plus the training and technical support we are able to offer."

"This is just one of many recent projects which have increased the total number of PlayBox Technology playout and branding system installations to over 15,000," comments Don Ash, Managing Partner and Director, Sales. "It demonstrates the ease with which PlayBox Technology servers can be integrated with third-party devices and operated under fully automated, semi-automated or manual control. Our design objective is, and has always been, to give our customers the greatest possible flexibility in their operational workflow plus the ability to scale up their PlayBox Technology systems in line with expanding business demand."

The PlayBox Technology AirBox is a universal SD/HD content playout and streaming server designed for continuous unattended operation. Every clip in the playlist, except the one which is currently playing, can be trimmed, edited or repositioned. Playlist order can be changed on-the-fly using commands such as skip-to-next or jump. Changes are performed seamlessly without stopping the current playout session. Live productions are facilitated by a Live Show clipboard which allows insertion and/or execution of various events or live streams. AirBox accepts formats such as MPEG1/2/H.264, HDV and DV streams from practically every known production platform.

Global TV (, officially styled as GlobalTV, is an Indonesian private television station based in West Jakarta. Established on January 1, 1998, it first went on air on January 1, 2001, presenting itself to an audience largely consisting of those who are young in age or young at heart. Global TV broadcasts round the clock with local and foreign programmes for viewers in Greater Jakarta and some 200 cities and towns across Indonesia. The station's output includes news and sports, MTV programmes and Nickelodeon cartoons.

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