SATIS News: FilmLight's renderless, collaborative colour pipeline on show at SATIS 2014


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Last Updated: November 17, 2014 6:17 pm GMT
(London, UK--November 17, 2014) FilmLight will use the 2014 SATIS exhibition to demonstrate how sophisticated, highly cost-effective colour grading can be used to both improve the look and speed up the production of television programming. In conjunction with local partner CTM Solutions, FilmLight will showcase its renderless metadata-based workflows through production and post.

“The demand for better looking serial episodic and features for television was often overlooked for all but big budget productions,” said Mark Burton of FilmLight. “Our solution puts the powerful Baselight grading toolset and renderer in key collaborative post-production systems through our Baselight Editions plugins. The pipeline allows grading metadata to be quickly exchanged between colourists, editors and VFX artists, with everybody looking at the same grade and the same colour tools available – allowing the grade to be adjusted right through to finish. The result is a great looking programme, finished in significantly less time than has been possible until now.”

The demonstration will include Baselight for Avid, the Baselight Editions plugin which puts the full colour grading toolset and renderer inside Avid Media Composer or Symphony. This enables real-time collaboration between editor and colourist through the exchange of Baselight grading metadata. Editors see the latest grade applied to the cut and can make their own adjustments, which can then be passed back to the grading suite, again as metadata, or rendered out on Media Composer as the final deliverable.

Visual effects artists can also share the same powerful collaborative workflow with Baselight for NUKE, which adds grading and rendering to the popular creative platform from The Foundry. The VFX artist and colourist can work collaboratively without having to wait for a re-render to keep working on the shot. The grading tools are also available to the VFX artist, or indeed to the colourist, if a quick change is needed.

Both Baselight for Avid and Baselight for NUKE have been selected as finalists for the 2014 SATIS-Mediakwest awards, in the post-production category.

Baselight PLUS will be the feature grading system on show. A powerful, cost-effective, colour grading system featuring the renowned Baselight grading toolset, this system is ideal for the demands of day-to-day post-production and television programming. Baselight PLUS is teamed with Slate, the revolutionary compact control panel that offers the same precision, ergonomics and unique configurable soft key functionality as the full-size Blackboard 2, but in a smaller form factor. Finally, the package includes two Baselight Editions plugin licences so that customers can enjoy the full creative benefits and efficiency savings of the FilmLight colour pipeline on show at SATIS.

Baselight is trusted and used by the leading post-production facilities in France including Film Factory, Medialab Technology, Nightshift, Onirim, Premiere Heure and Ymagis.

FilmLight can be found at SATIS on the stand of CTM Solutions, D43.


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