Mixtape Club & Google Creative Lab Celebrate Android’s Whimsical World In Animated Campaign


Last Updated: November 17, 2014 6:35 pm GMT
(New York, New York--November 17, 2014) Integrated production and animation studio Mixtape Club recently partnered with Google Creative Lab to help produce a multi-platform campaign for the Android mobile operating system. From broadcast and web to out-of-home executions, the campaign revolves around an entire world of diverse characters who bring to life the brand’s new tagline, “Be together. Not the same.”

To view the work: http://mixtapeclub.com/projects/androidify

“We worked very closely with the Creative Lab on the exploratory phase of the campaign before they landed on the final direction,” explains Chris Smith, Executive Creative Director/Partner of Mixtape Club. “We collaborated with them to develop the movements and sounds of these characters, and helped evolve the initial idea into the larger campaign”

Mixtape Club created five :30 spots and one :15 for TV, as well as a multi-screen animation for ten digital out-of-home installations on newsstands throughout Manhattan. The effort was a welcome opportunity for Mixtape Club to not only continue its longstanding relationship with the Creative Lab, but also to utilize its complete in-house creative pipeline. Mixtape Club worked side by side with Creative Lab on many phases of the campaign, from early concept development and character animation to music and sound design. Mixtape Club teamed up with its integrated partner, Huma-Huma, for all things sound and music, including the music that plays during the title card sequence at the end of the spots.

“What we loved about this project was collaboratively building such a cohesive campaign from the ground up, working closely with Google Creative Lab and their creative partners,” says Smith, who is also a Composer/Partner at Huma-Huma. “It was rewarding to help build the ‘rules’ of this world. Rather than taking an exaggerated and cartoon-like direction, we landed on realistic sound environments and character movements to contrast the hilariously stylized characters.”

Always looking at the creation process as an opportunity to experiment and innovate, Smith says the Android campaign is a great example of what Mixtape Club’s all-inclusive creative hub can achieve.

“Our entire studio is designed around this concept of A-to-Z filmmaking, and this campaign really allowed us to tap into all of our strengths,” concludes Smith. “Working with Google Creative Lab truly felt like a team effort versus a client session.”

Made in Collaboration with Google Creative Lab

Spot Titles: Garage Band (:30), Road Trip (:15), Slightly Longer Road Trip (:30), Break Room (:30), Bus Stop (:30) & Scary Movie (:30)

Airdate: November 2014

Production Company: Mixtape Club

Director: Mixtape Club

Executive Creative Director: Chris Lenox Smith

Producers: Kate Johnson, Bruce Moreau, John Holt

Project Leads: Sean Moller, Jules Koetsch & Casey Drogin (Road Trip)

Editor: Chris Lenox Smith

Animators: Sean Moller, Zoya Baker, Blake Patrick, Jacques Khouri, Mary Varn & Josh Goodrich (Garage Band)

Animators: Jules Koetsch, Casey Drogin, Heidi Sullivan, Blake Patrick, Max Millermaier, Josh Goodrich, Zoya Baker, Luciano Tapia & Andrew Chung (Road Trip)

Animators: Sean Moller, Luciano Tapia, Zoya Baker, Andrew Zimbelman, Mary Varn & Heidi Sullivan (Bus Stop)

Animators: Sean Moller, Zoya Baker, Heidi Sullivan, Blake Sullivan, Josh Goodrich & Andrew Chung (Break Room)

Animators: Sean Moller, Zoya Baker, Heidi Sullivan & Andrew Chung (Scary Movie)

Designers: Keith Vincent, Josh Goodrich

Colorist: Luciano Tapia

Music & Sound Design Company: Huma-Huma

Music: Huma-Huma

Producer: John Holt

Voice: Parker Silzer, Patrick Cupples

Sound Design & Mix: Chris Lenox Smith, Parker Silzer, John Parthum & Patrick Cupples

Music: Bigfoote Music (Scary Movie) (non-endtag)

About Mixtape Club:

We’re full-service production and animation studio creating made mission-critical external and internal campaigns for major corporations and networks, as well as award-winning music videos. From concept to delivery, script to sound mix, we are a truly integrated A-to-Z operation. Our flexible workspace is designed so that we can tailor to the needs of unique projects, keeping all aspects of production and post under one roof.



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