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StreamMaster redefines the cost and transition from SDI to IP to the cloud

Last Updated: July 4, 2016 3:58 pm GMT
(IBC 2016 Stand 7.A31--July 4, 2016) Pixel Power will confirm its position at IBC2016 as the go-to provider of full-functionality, reactive, linear channel playout in the cloud. StreamMaster delivers the rich functionality expected by premium channels, where full dynamic channel playout with the ability to be reactive to schedules is key.

Following the launch of StreamMaster earlier in 2016, Pixel Power has delivered and installed tailored, virtualised playout platforms for major broadcasters worldwide. Using a software-defined infrastructure, Pixel Power is redefining the cost of playout for many channels including pop-up and disaster recovery. This is achieved without compromising on functionality: StreamMaster includes real-time DVE and 3D graphics, mixing of live feeds using the built-in software master control switcher, and intelligent automated branding and cross-channel promotion.

“The opportunities that virtualisation and the cloud open up are transformative and positive for the industry, and Pixel Power with its experience in no-compromise software and image quality is ideally placed to deliver on those opportunities,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “Recently we have been working with forward-looking broadcasters who understand both the challenges and the benefits of the cloud, and we have already installed solutions that deliver the performance they expect to protect their brand.”

At IBC 2016, Pixel Power is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to again demonstrate live, linear playout from the cloud, covering every level of schedule sophistication and incorporating realtime DVE and graphics. The demonstrations will cover simple channel playout where the schedule is fixed and there are no live events, through dynamic playout with live events right up to complex premium channels including reactive scheduling, for instance around sports events whose end time is not known.

“For almost 30 years, Pixel Power has concentrated on protecting and promoting the greatest asset of our broadcaster customers, their brand,” emphasised Gilbert. “That remains the cornerstone of our new products like StreamMaster: ensuring that channels meet and exceed the expectations of their audiences through flawless, engaging and attractive delivery.”

Alongside the cloud demonstrations of StreamMaster, Pixel Power will show its full range of graphics and workflow products. Featured will be new releases of Pixel Factory, the automated content production system, Pixel Promote, which automatically creates and inserts marketing and promotional content based on the broadcaster’s objectives and future schedules and the Clarity Graphics system which is at the heart of all Pixel Power systems.

Pixel Power can be found at its regular location at IBC2016, stand 7.A31. The IBC exhibition runs 9 – 13 September 2016.

About Pixel Power

Pixel Power develops, distributes and supports the technologies and solutions that media companies rely on to create their on-air identity, enhance their content with stunning graphics, and deliver their services anywhere there is an audience.

Through a worldwide network of carefully selected distributors Pixel Power ensures that local and knowledgeable sales, service and support is always available for our ever growing client base. With systems installed in major broadcasters and production facilities around the world, Pixel Power is working with the broadcast industry globally to develop exciting and creative systems for the highly automated, multi-skilled environment which is modern television production. Pixel Power's growing customer base of over 2000 systems includes market leading broadcasters like the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Disney, HBO, ABC, CBS, Fox, WDR and RTBF.

With corporate headquarters in Cambridge, England, Pixel Power also has a wholly owned US subsidiary providing sales and service across North America as well as a dedicated Middle East office in Dubai.

Pixel Power can be contacted online at www.pixelpower.com.


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