HDDisk 2U Professional NAS - powered by 24 SSDs


Last Updated: June 9, 2020 10:59 pm GMT
(Fontana, California--June 9, 2020) HDDisk 2U proudly announces their external HDDisk 2U 24Bay NAS Drive, Dual Scalable Xeon Redundant Power Supply Power by SSDs. Built for high-end post-production and broadcast applications, it is the perfect storage platform for anyone looking for high performance combined with massive capacity at a great price point.

Amazing hardware!
Dual 800Watt Redundant Power Supply, additional space for two more SSDs, one for your OS and another to mirror the OS or additional files. Single or Dual XEON fast processors, plenty memory, and it can be configured with up to 24 Solid State Drives as raid5 or raid6 via hardware raid controller. Includes NASDirectorProPlus licensed up to 24 drives.

NASDPP (NASDirectorProPlus) is the network storage appliance equipped with highly optimized NAS OS dedicated for storage-centric applications featuring high-performance, reliable file-sharing and file-serving. It is designed and built with the concept of what a True Storage Appliance should be for data availability and redundancy.
NASDPP unifies Network File Sharing (NAS) and Block Device (iSCSI/IP-SAN and/or Fibre Channel Target) functionalities into one single appliance device, so that IT staff no longer need to make a choice between NAS or iSCSI or Fibre SAN.

NASDPP also aggregates and virtualizes external storage devices such as: DAS, Fibre Channel, or remote iSCSI targets, and then presents them as a device to the network clients. All storage resources can be allocated, reclaimed, then re- allocated to the most needing applications.


About HDDisk 2U
We are a small company with 32 years of experience on the video, audio, TV and storage industry and we let our decades of experience serve you to insure your success. We offer you industry-leading experience. Contact us and we will email you our best prices and we will give you FREE ground shipping in the continental U.S. Please Note: Resellers are welcome.

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