Adobe Introduces InCopy CS2 With Enhanced Support for Collaborative Editorial Workflows


Innovative Assignments-based Workflow Enables True Multi-User Documents and New Graphics Support Refines Collaboration Between Editorial and Design Groups

Last Updated: April 4, 2005 5:51 am GMT
(SAN JOSE, Calif. -April 4, 2005) Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® InCopy® CS2, a professional writing and editing program that integrates tightly with Adobe InDesign® CS2 software, also announced today (see separate press release). InCopy CS2 software streamlines and enhances collaborative editorial workflows for small creative teams. Adobe also licenses InCopy CS2 to systems integrators and third-party developers to design editorial solutions for more advanced, medium-to-large sized publishing workgroups.

InCopy CS2 introduces an innovative assignments-based workflow, which enables one or more editors to work in parallel with the designer on different parts of an InDesign file, without overwriting each other's changes. New graphics controls and editorial enhancements further refine the collaborative workflow. Using InCopy CS2 and InDesign CS2 together enables fewer review and revision cycles between designers and editors, better editorial control over copy, and ultimately gets publications to market faster.

"With innovations such as the ability to place and scale images and artwork and the extremely robust INX exchange format, InCopy CS2 will enable our customers to collaborate even more effectively across the publishing workflow," said Andreas Schrader, managing director of SoftCare, developers of the K4 Publishing System, in use at major magazines and newspapers such as Condé Nast's GQ, Gruner+Jahr's Capital and Metro Newspapers. "InCopy CS2 provides enhancements that will help our customers accelerate the editing process, promoting increased efficiency and quality across their publications."

Multi-user Workflows Advance Document Collaboration

InCopy CS2 lets writers and editors work more effectively with designers using InDesign CS2. The new InCopy LiveEdit Workflow plug-ins provide a streamlined file check-in/check-out system for small workgroups. Support for assignments simplifies the editorial process, enabling designers to assign editors access to specific content — from individual frames on a page, or across multiple spreads, to a complete InDesign document. An InDesign document might contain multiple articles, each assigned to different editors for true multi-user document collaboration.

Designers can allow editors to contribute graphics to layouts by assigning frames where they can place, scale, crop, and rotate images and artwork. Editors can now work more collaboratively with contributors who use Microsoft® Word®, with new capabilities to open and edit Word documents in InCopy CS2 and then save them as RTF (Rich Text Format) files.

More Efficient Editorial Workflows Help Editors Beat Deadlines

Adobe InCopy CS2 offers numerous enhancements that accelerate the editing process. Now editors can drag and drop text or avoid manually reformatting text moved from one area to another by pasting without formatting. Automated text macros speed insertion of frequently used phrases in text by enabling editors to type a code, such as WH for White House, and press the spacebar. Editors can link to multiple user dictionaries and import and export word lists for easy exchange with colleagues. Stand-alone copyfit puts editors in control, enabling them to define copyfit areas when the layout is still in development. With new support for hiding and showing layers, editors can easily access alternate versions of content for editing.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe InCopy CS2 for Mac OS X version 10.2.8 through 10.3.8, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Windows XP will begin shipping in May to customers in the United States and Canada, and will be available through Adobe Authorized Resellers and the Adobe Store at . International versions are expected to begin shipping in late May and early June. Estimated street price for the full version is US$249 and licensed users of Adobe InCopy CS can upgrade for US$89. For more detailed information about new features, upgrade policies and pricing, please visit: . To evaluate the InCopy solution you need based on the size and complexity of your publishing workflow, visit: . Pricing and availability will be determined by systems integrators based on individual installations.

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