1 Beyond announces Harmony™ HD/RT SAN


1 Beyond Harmony™ HD/RT SAN, the industry’s 1st Storage Area Network capable of supporting multiple streams of uncompressed, real time HD and support for 2K

Last Updated: April 19, 2005 6:22 am GMT
(April 19, 2005) 1 Beyond, Inc., a leading provider of digital video editing and compositing systems, today announced 1 Beyond Harmony™ HD/RT SAN, the industry’s 1st Storage Area Network capable of supporting multiple streams of uncompressed, real time HD and support for 2K. 

1 Beyond Harmony™ HD/RT is the result of a close collaboration with Sanbolic and StorageTek – who were also instrumental in producing the award winning 1 Beyond Harmony, the industry’s first uncompressed HD SAN announced at NAB 2004.  Harmony HD/RT uses the Sanbolic Melio™ file system and LaScala™ volume manager. It will be available in Q3 2005 and will be showcased for the 1st time ever at NAB on 1 Beyond’s booth (number 3967).  Pricing starts at $50,000 and depends on configuration, size of storage, and number of workstations.

Using state-of-the-art 4 Gigabit fiber channel technology, the 1 Beyond Harmony™ HD/RT SAN supports up to 600 MB/s per workstation, thereby allowing multiple streams of uncompressed, real-time HD.

Terry Cullen, 1 Beyond’s Founder and President comments: “Ever since HD editing has been available, users have had to chose between quality uncompressed or real-time compressed.  With the 1 Beyond Harmony HD/RT SAN, no one will be forced to compromise ever again.  Thanks to the amazing speed of the Harmony HD/RT SAN and our third generation real-time HD systems, users can have the best both worlds, uncompressed, real-time multi-streams of HD, available at a fraction of the cost of other lower performance HD SANs on the market.”

Harmony HD/RT SAN is fully scaleable and can be expanded live.  Each workstation has an automatically variable amount of storage and there is no maximum storage limit per workstation.  Harmony also comes complete with an extensive set of media asset management tools.  

The 1 Beyond Harmony HD/RT SAN ensures complete control over any rapidly growing storage environment with a powerful, yet simple to use, management interface. With its centralized management, anytime administration, configuration flexibility, storage consolidation and data replication features, Harmony HD/RT SAN enables users to implement a storage strategy that's conducive to the achievement of their business goals.

Like all 1 Beyond systems, Harmony HD/RT SAN is built on an open architecture and based on world standards.  This means that users can build their pipeline on heterogeneous systems and make the most efficient use of the storage capacity that they already own. 

Key features of the 1 Beyond Harmony HD/RT SAN:
  • Complete Scalability:
  • 2 to 16 1 Beyond HD Workstations
  • 256TB or hundreds of hours of uncompressed HD
  • Performance scalable from SD to full 1080i HD
  • Grow dynamically while live

High Performance:
  • 600 MB/s per controller
  • Up to 3.2 Gb/s aggregate throughput per controller
  • Dual Fiber Channel connections at 4 Gb/s

  • Central shared storage conveniently located wherever suitable
  • Up to 1 Km Fiber Channel workstation connection
  • Can be utilized for management of all assets
  • Can be tied into 1 Beyond’s Redline Render Farm™ shared processing engines

  • Harmony HD/RT SAN allows each connected workstation to have an automatically variable amount of storage
  • No maximum storage limit per workstation compared to direct connect storage
  • Improved efficiencies, lower TCO and higher ROI

  • Central backup of all media assets
  • One location for storage maintenance and management
  • Total open systems environment

Workflow Improvement:
  • No need for file copying to gain access (significant for multi-GB files)
  • All graphics, stills and video immediately available to all departments
  • Simultaneous reading and writing means editing can begin while video is still loading

About 1 Beyond
Founded in 1996, 1 Beyond, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of professional PC-based video editing and compositing systems and storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional high-end systems. This value leadership is due to constant technical innovation, including 9 years of industry firsts. 1 Beyond delivers turnkey video end-to-end solutions that provide customers with the highest performance and quality digital workflow in all video formats including both compressed and uncompressed HD. The company offers a wide range of systems including award-winning laptops, desktops, mobiles and Storage Area Networks used in all phases of editing and compositing. All 1 Beyond systems are designed with true open architecture and built on world standards. This ensures the customer a continued upgrade path and hence, the longest period for ROI and non-obsolescence. For more information visit www.1Beyond.com or call 877-One-Beyond.



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