Extreme CCTV Taps Fujinon Long-Range Zoom Lens for ZX700 Illuminator


Combination of ZX700 with Fujinon D60x12.5 CCTV Long-Range Zoom Lens Provides Up to 1km of Night Vision for Security, Surveillance Applications

Last Updated: May 3, 2005 5:19 pm GMT
(WAYNE, NJ, May 3, 2005) Fujinon has announced that Extreme CCTV, a premiere manufacturer of infrared imaging and night-vision solutions, has selected Fujinon’s D60x12.5 ½-inch super telephoto lens for inclusion within its new ZX700 long-range illuminator kit. The ZX700 illuminator, coupled with the D60x12.5 lens, can provide night vision illumination of up to 1km. It is ideal for security and surveillance applications at such critical locations as ports, harbors, borders, airports and can be used in infrastructure surveillance, defense applications, and long-distance applications.

Extreme CCTV’s ZX700 is a long-range, active infrared illuminator, allowing night vision identification and recognition for the most sensitive security and surveillance applications. The ZX700 kit features dual ZX700 illuminators, the D60x12.5 lens from Fujinon and Extreme CCTV’s FSX800 camera - an infrared-sensitive camera. The combination of the D60x12.5 lens with the ZX700 is the key to providing up to 1km of infrared night illumination.

The ZX700 shines infrared light out, allowing the FSX800 camera to capture images shrouded in pitch black. Unlike conventional thermal imagers, the ZX700-D60 kit does not rely on heat differentials, so it can read the markings and letterings from the sides of ships and other vessels in nighttime lighting conditions. It also features low power consumption and 3,000 hours of average bulb life.

“In the post-9/11 world, top-notch security imaging is more critical than ever,” said Nobuyuki Inoue, Director, CCTV, Fujinon. “Extreme CCTV needed a lens that could provide clear, high-quality images across long distances and in all kinds of conditions. That’s why they chose the D60x12.5 from Fujinon. It’s a powerful zoom lens with up to 1,500mm of focal length that can work day and night for the most crucial security needs.”

The Fujinon D60x12.5 lens allows the FSX800 camera to maintain quality images no matter what the lighting conditions. “The D60x12.5 uses the same setting for day and nighttime shooting,” he said. “There are longer wavelengths present in infrared light than with visible (daytime) light. Conventional lenses with long focal lengths are not designed for IR light wavelengths and often create blurred images as a result. The Fujinon D60 lens compensates for this, eliminating any focus shifting, so you see consistently high-quality day and night images.”

Designed for long-range surveillance needs, Fujinon’s D60x12.5 lens provides automatic and high-quality imaging in day and night lighting conditions.  It features iris override and at only 354mm long, the lens, which has a focal length range of 12.5mm to 1,500mm, is approximately half the size of competitive products. Its cost-efficient price point and compact size make it a powerful choice for corporate, security, and government video professionals looking for a long-range surveillance lens.

Fujinon’s CCTV division, utilizing technology from the company’s broadcast lens division, provides lenses that create high-quality pictures for all vision applications. Fujinon is moving forward to meet your security needs. For more information about Fujinon CCTV products, call 1-973-633-5600 or visit our web site at www.fujinoncctv.com.

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