HoverlorD Adopts Belgium’s First Discreet Lustre System

Last Updated: May 31, 2005 6:22 pm GMT
(WALLONIA, Belgium) Autodesk Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK) announced that Belgium’s new cinematography facility, HoverlorD, has selected Autodesk® systems as the backbone of its post-production pipeline, enabling its digital artists to realise their ideas with greater speed and creativity.

HoverlorD has adopted Autodesk’s Discreet® Lustre® 2.5 digital colour grading system and a Discreet® Smoke® 6.5 editing and finishing system. The systems were sold to HoverlorD by Video Promotion, Autodesk’s systems reseller in Belgium.

Using Discreet Lustre, HoverlorD will offer clients a fast pipeline for both end-to-end HD productions and film-derived digital intermediate production, providing clients with maximum flexibility in how they choose to plan and budget projects. Digital colour grading and visual effects work is carried out after the 35mm footage has been scanned at any image resolution.

HoverlorD is the first facility in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, to provide a full digital cinematography pipeline. HoverlorD offers a complete range of high-definition (HD) services for digital cinematography - from acquisition to mastering and screening. The facility was set up in response to growing demand for HD productions for the feature film and documentary film markets.

“Discreet Smoke 6.5 is loaded with all the plug-ins and Sparks® functionality you can imagine, while our new Discreet Lustre gives us a cinema tool we could never have dreamed of,” said Paul Englebert, senior editor at HoverlorD and former CEO of The Matchbox, a Brussels-based facility. “The framestore architecture of Autodesk’s systems enables Discreet Smoke to see the Discreet Lustre timeline and history of events. The combination of Discreet Lustre and a classical colour grading panel is flawless.” Sparks plug-ins are specially created for Autodesk’s Discreet systems by the post-production industry's leading software developers and top facilities.

HoverlorD CEO Louis-Philippe Capelle is one of the most experienced directors of photography in Belgium and a member of the Belgian Society of Cinematographers. Capelle added, “For me, the most important feature in Discreet Lustre is the ability to use the advanced 3D look-up tables recommended by the cinema industry. HD is still not the answer for all productions. The 35mm pipeline with a good telecine and such a wonderful colour grading tool as Discreet Lustre gives you pictures of the highest quality.”

“HoverlorD is the first Belgian facility to join the dozens of European post houses turning to Discreet Lustre,” said Patrick Jocelyn, director – EMEA, Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment Division. “As digital colour grading matures and requirements become increasingly sophisticated, facilities are finding that the Lustre system is the only one that can match their expectations in terms of picture quality, creativity, speed and workflow.”

“Discreet Lustre provides unique digital opportunities for Belgian filmmakers, and thanks to HoverlorD, the growing Belgian film industry will have direct access to the latest technology,” added Marc Schulman, CEO of Video Promotion.

About HoverlorD
HoverlorD is a Belgian company offering a full range of high tech services for digital cinema. These services cover the whole production and post-production chain - from pre-production to finalising the project. HoverlorD is located in Liege, where most Walloon filmmakers are based, and is supported by Wallimage, a regional funding organisation for the feature film industry. For more information visit or contact
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