Popwire releases Compression Master 3.1


Last Updated: June 9, 2005 4:12 pm GMT
(STOCKHOLM - June 9 2005) Today Popwire Technology releases Compression Master 3.1. The upgrade includes enhanced features, extended format support as well as Tiger and QuickTime 7 compatibility.

Among the highlights are H.264 (AVC) video, Windows Media MBR, High Definition (HD) support, Flash video and full QuickTime video integration. The new product upgrade will be free for existing customers. 

"With this release we are adding a lot of features and formats that we know our customers have been missing. For example Windows Media Intellistream and QuickTime video integration. This means you get access to all your installed QuickTime codecs such as Sorenson 3. We also decided to release H.264, although we still consider it to be a preview technology at the moment. Our beliefs are that H.264 will start to take off commercially by the end of the year. We will therefore, during the next six months, concentrate intensely on extending and developing H.264 to improve its quality and speed. Another important feature, based on feedback from our customers, is Flash video", says Kay Johansson CTO at Popwire.

Compression Master can be purchased directly from the Popwire site.

For more information please visit http://www.popwire.com


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