Digital Heaven updates Final Cut plug-ins


Last Updated: June 21, 2005 4:15 pm GMT
(LONDON, UK - June 21st 2004) Digital Heaven is pleased to announce new versions of three plug-ins for Apple's Final Cut Pro and Express.

DH_Box v1.1 is a plug-in filter which makes split screen effects easier than ever and this new version includes a smoothing function to give more control over the image quality. DH_Box v1.1 is fully compatible with Final Cut Pro 5.

DH_Guides v1.1 and DH_WideSafe v1.1 have also been updated to make all ten plug-ins now compatible with Final Cut Pro 5.

The entire range of ten Digital Heaven plug-ins are available for individual download purchase at just $10 each. Demo versions of DH_Box, DH_Dropout, DH_Subtitle and DH_WhipPan as well as Flash tutorials are available on the Digital Heaven website


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