Animal Logic Creates Animated World For 67 Special


Last Updated: June 23, 2005 4:11 pm GMT
Sydney digital production house Animal Logic has created a 3D stylised world for Australian rock band 67 Special’s latest music video.

The video places the five band members in a paper city that starts crashing down around them. With the chaos of falling buildings and flying paper, the band escape the crumbling city in their car and so starts the wild ride through the city streets, out to the desert and ending in a lush forest landscape.

The concept for the video was conceived and directed by Dael Oates and involved a team of his colleagues at Animal Logic. “67 Special were interested in using 3D animation in the clip for their new single. I had this idea of a paper city falling apart and the pieces returning to the forest in my head for a while, as well as experimenting with rear projection, so I thought it would be perfect to combine the two for this project. I presented the concept and some look frames to the band and the record company and they loved it,” said Oates.

Oates then consulted colleagues Nick Ponzoni, who acted as Director of Photography and Lead 3D Animator Will Reichelt as to how the clip would be planned and shot. “The essential idea was a narrative driven story, using the band as the main characters. I wanted the environment where the story unraveled to be very stylised with everything made of paper, but for the actual band members to be real. So the challenge was to find a way to seamlessly combine live action elements with a 3D world."

As all the environments in the clip are 3D, the majority had to be built before the live action shoot as the plan was to rear project the environments behind both windows of a set and a car.

3D Lead Will Reichelt: “When we were planning and building the 3D environment, we treated it like it was a live action set in that we animated a long sequence of action and then used different cameras to get coverage for the edit. We all agreed that we wanted to keep the camera moves realistic, the only exception being the last shot in the forest sequence where the camera pulls back from the car, through the trees and into the final aerial view. As well as incorporating shots that Dael had in mind for certain beats in the song, we were also able to collaborate with ideas for sequences such as the city scene where the car jumps through a piece of falling building.”

The city environment was built with 3D cameras placed strategically throughout the city so the car could be filmed from various angles as it sped through the streets. At the shoot a video projector was used to rear project all the environments onto a large screen positioned behind the sets.

Nick Ponzoni shot the live action footage on Mini DV with a 35mm lens adapter in order to give the footage true depth of field. He shot almost everything handheld fitting with the style of the 3D cameras.

Once shooting had wrapped, the team had less than two weeks to finish the 3D environments, edit, composite and grade before delivering the clip to Festival Mushroom Records for release on June 13th.

This week ‘Walking Away’ was chosen as Channel V’s Ripe Clip of the Week and has also been added to MTV’s rotation. ‘Walking Away’ is also the 7th overall most added track on Australian radio and the 3rd most added at Contemporary Rock and Nights formats*.

*figures from Festival Mushroom Records

Client: 67 Special / Festival Mushroom Records
Prod Co: Animal Logic
Director: Dael Oates
DOP: Nick Ponzoni
Gaffer / Grip: Clif Henry
Projectionist: Sydney Bouhaniche
Makeup Artist: Allison Boyle
Producer: Caroline Renshaw

Art Department: Peter Richards

Set Build: Neil Churches
Scott Ager

Compositor / Editor: Dael Oates

3D Lead: Will Reichelt
3D team: Gerrard Southam
Bhakar James
Sandy Sutherland
Andrew Lodge
Tom Bardwell
Clinton Downs
Daniel Marum

Design Assistants: Marianne Khoo
Thomas Diakomichallis

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