Molinare Closes the Loop with Northlight


Last Updated: July 12, 2005 3:58 pm GMT
(London, England, 12th July 2005) FilmLight, a world-leading pioneer of digital film technology, is pleased to announce the installation of one of its market-leading Northlight scanners at top London facility Molinare.

"The quality of images we've obtained using a Northlight scanner at other facilities prior to buying our own has always been superb," comments Molinare Managing Director, Mark Foligno. "Therefore it seemed obvious to us that if we wanted to invest in a film scanner of our own, then it had to be the one with the best pictures."

Molinare has invested heavily in enhancing its film offering in recent years and in Foligno's words the addition of the Northlight scanner 'closes the loop' for digital film making at the facility. Having installed one of the first Baselight Eight grading systems Molinare cites one of the reasons it chose the Northlight was because the products work so well together. "We now offer the ability to scan at 6k, 4k and 2k and back to film at 2k and 4k and have created services in and around those standards within the facility," he says. "Molinare provides a complete post solution, both in picture and audio, for a feature. With the exception of a lab, we now offer all services to film-makers to complete their project."

The Northlight will be used to scan at the very highest resolutions for vfx and DI work, delivering data to Molinare's three grading suites, one equipped with a FilmLight Baselight 8, the other two featuring Pogle. The scanner has already been used on features including 'Irish Jam' and 'The Marksman' where Foligno says it has performed 'admirably', and he confidently predicts a lot more DI work for it in the near future as the company targets the independent and international co-production features market.

"We understand where FilmLight comes from in terms of its development," he concludes. "Putting film first is what we at Molinare are trying to do and we believe that Filmlight and Molinare have the same goal at heart."


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