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Last Updated: July 22, 2005 7:11 pm GMT
(Venice, CA -- July 22, 2005) FISH·EGGS, a motion graphics and design company, has launched in Venice, California. Heading the company is Chris Roe, an award-winning filmmaker and designer who has worked in all visual mediums including film, television, interactive and web.

FISH·EGGS comes from Founder/Executive Creative Director Chris Roe's last name, which by definition means fish eggs. The company uses its experience and creativity to effectively interpret, visualize and communicate clients' ideas to their fullest.

"FISH·EGGS came about from my desire to apply the best of my filmmaking experience to a graphic design studio," explains Roe. "Instinctively, I think like a filmmaker. My focus is not simply to deliver great-looking graphics. That's a given. My focus is how to best serve the overall production. I think this distinction is very important. Delivering great looking graphics is not the same challenge as contributing to the project in a way that makes the overall product the best it can be."

FISH·EGGS Founder Chris Roe brings to his graphic design work an extensive and intimate knowledge of the filmmaking process having served as Director, Co-Producer, Director of Photography and Editor on the multiple award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary titled "Pop & Me." In the film, Roe traveled around the world for six months with his father and interviewed other fathers and sons. The documentary went on to become an Academy Award semi-finalist and winner of six international film festivals, and was featured on "Oprah," in People Magazine and distributed by MGM for video and DVD release.

Drawing upon his experience in both film and high-end motion graphics, Roe is uniquely positioned to help clients realize their most ambitious ideas -- using a blend of traditional storytelling with the latest digital technology to create powerful, moving presentations.

"Our clients consider us creative partners; a team that uses graphic design as a tool to make their ideas a reality and more," comments Roe. "We challenge ourselves to contribute to the visual language of a project, creating elements that transform into stylistic threads that can be used throughout the piece. That is the challenge that really drives us."

Besides filmmaking, Roe has an exceptional resumé of design work creating animated logos, opening title sequences and graphic identity packages for film, television, and interactive content. He previously held freelance positions with notable companies such as Fuel, Belief and twothousandstrong, and contributed to such features as "Spider-Man 2" and "Solaris," as well as the documentaries "Mighty Times: The Children's March" for HBO, which won an Academy Award, and "Be Good, Smile Pretty" for PBS, which earned an Emmy.

"My filmmaking experience taught me that the audience is informed by every word and image they are exposed to and, as a result, every element needs to be carefully selected," Roe continues. "In graphic design, as in film, colors, texture, lighting, proportions and pace inform the audience as much as the written word."

Recent major projects for the studio include graphic packages for the popular NBC shows "Hit Me Baby One More Time," NBC's new Thursday night sensation where veteran hit-makers perform onstage in a competition judged by a live audience, and "I Want To Be A Hilton," a series hosted by Kathy Hilton that follows 14 eccentric young contestants as they vie for the opportunity to live the glamorous lifestyle of high society. Other high-profile projects include the ABC program "Extreme Makeover Home Edition: How'd They Do That?" and the newest addition to the "Fear Factor" franchise, "Fear Factor Live" at Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood.

The FISH·EGGS team includes Designer Joel Bentow and Production Coordinator Annie Anderson. The artists are currently working on a full slate of film and reality TV projects including the Lifetime TV movie "You're Not The Man I Married," which involves logo design, main titles, backplates, lower thirds and bumpers, as well as live-action direction from Chris Roe for the show open. The reality shows "Fight for Fame" for E! Entertainment, "Back On Campus" for ABC Family and "Poor Little Rich Girls," a new pilot for WB, have also experienced the FISH·EGGS creative touch.

In addition, the studio has had a long-standing relationship with Fox International Home Video creating graphics for feature film and TV trailers and promos appearing on new DVD releases. Titles include the films "Hide and Seek," "Daredevil," "Phone Booth" and "Ice Age," and the TV shows "That 70s Show," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Angel" and "The X-Files."

"There is no one style that defines FISH·EGGS," concludes Roe. "What defines us is our ability to understand our clients' needs and to deliver to them what works best. THAT is the FISH·EGGS style."

FISH·EGGS is located at 1261 Electric Avenue, Venice, CA 90291.

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