Media Artist Secrets Podcast Celebrates 30th Episode


The #1 Creative Business Podcast Builds Large Following in Only a Few Months

Last Updated: July 25, 2005 6:17 pm GMT
(PORTLAND, Maine – July 25th,2005) Franklin McMahon Studio announced today that  the podcast “Media Artist Secrets” passed the 30th episode mark and the program will continue with new episodes all summer long.

“Media Artist Secrets” – The Podcast for the Creative Professional, is a technology program based on the business of crafting a creative career. Geared toward creative desktop Mac and PC users, the podcast provides artists direction on how to advance their skills, fine-tune their vision, promote their services, expand their audience and share their creations with the world.

The program is the #1 Business program on “Podcast Alley” ( and has recently been nominated for a Podcast Award in the Business category ( Even though the show started less than three months ago in May 2005, the program has built a large following with creative artists involved in design, desktop publishing, music, animation, moviemaking, graphics and may other forms of multimedia.

”I am extremely passionate about helping people advance their creative careers and expand their audience of fans and clients” said Franklin McMahon, host of Media Artist Secrets. “One of the challenges to solve is that creative artists may be supremely talented, but not really focused on continued development, professional promotion and career growth. Creative artists are wired to create, that’s what they do. This podcast helps them think of the big picture, dreaming big, getting the word out and making amazing things happen with their creative career path. I encourage everyone to spread the word and pass the info on the show to all the creative artists they know.”

The podcast is supplemented by a blog at which includes an archive of creative self-development articles, video tutorials on programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as well as reviews of the latest creative desktop programs. Promos for the podcast can be heard on Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code and the Media Artist Secrets podcast is also on Curry’s Podshow on Sirius Satellite Radio.

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