SplutterFish Announces Large-Scale Deployment of the Brazil Rendering System


Leading VFX Studio Frantic Films Selects SplutterFish's Brazil Rendering System as Backbone to its Growing Production Pipeline

Last Updated: August 11, 2005 4:08 pm GMT

(SEATTLE--BUSINESS WIRE--Aug. 11, 2005) SplutterFish, LLC, a leading 3D rendering solutions provider announced today that Frantic Films, a visual effects company with offices in the U.S. and Canada, has placed a large order for Brazil r/s, SplutterFish's award-winning 3D rendering suite, to be the primary rendering backbone in its new large-scale production pipeline.

Early Brazil r/s adopter Frantic Films will increase its reliance on Brazil r/s based on its own in-house benchmark testing, where Brazil r/s blew past its competitors as the clear choice for rendering performance and high return-on-investment.

"We have a large render-intensive project where raytracing speed is paramount. Looking ahead to this project and the huge increase in our render farm, we tested all of the top renderers. In our extensive tests on next generation 64-bit platforms, Brazil consistently came ahead of the pack in the lowest dollars per rendered second, and couple this with top-line fidelity, ease of use and reliability, Brazil is the clear winner," says Chris Bond, President of Frantic Films.

"Brazil is also flexible enough to depend on it for a variety of projects used alongside a diverse set of tools, which is critical for our operation."

Brazil r/s is relied on by top CG studios from every corner of the industry for its ability to handle their most demanding shots reliably, cost-effectively and with the highest-quality output. Readers are encouraged to visit the SplutterFish website to read more about some of these studios and the high-caliber work Brazil r/s has helped them to create.

"We are pleased that Frantic Films has selected Brazil for the next stage of their company's growth," says Scott Kirvan, CEO of SplutterFish. "Frantic is a cutting-edge, technically-savvy production studio and its meticulous testing of hardware and software clearly demonstrate that for true production rendering, Brazil has the highest return-on-investment of any renderer on the market."

Brazil r/s is designed by and for production professionals as a powerful, flexible and affordable high-end rendering solution for film, broadcast, architecture and other cross-visualization applications. It offers uncompromising image quality and natural, streamlined workflow.

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SplutterFish designs high-end, affordable and efficient 3D rendering tools, which are currently available from the company and its international reseller representatives, accessible through www.splutterfish.com.


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