Nattress Film Effects gets a Sharp Break at Snooker


Last Updated: August 16, 2005 2:09 am GMT
(Ottawa, Canada, 15, August 2005) Nattress Film Effects played a crucial role in providing a new look for for VT inserts of The 2005 Embassy World Snooker Championship, made by TWI for BBC Sport. Freelance editor, Peter Wiggins was hired along with his Final Cut Pro edit suite and used Film Effects extensively.

Here are three example spots:

“A Night To Remember”, which looked back at the historic late night final between Steve Davis and Denis Taylor that was watched by over 18 million people after midnight. Peter used the smart de-interlace feature and “Warm Diffusion” preset in Film Effects. Peter noted that the smart de-interlace in Film Effects kept the foreground balls sharp, with no staircasing or jagged edges on the curves. Standard de-interlacing halves the vertical resolution of the video, an undesired effect that smart de-interlacing avoids.

On “Trick Shots by Mike “Magic” Massey”, Peter wanted an a vintage film effect and used the “Old Projector” preset with it’s hair, grain, weave and flicker controls to produce the look he was after. 

“Alex Higgins”, a rare interview and match with the great snooker player, was shot in a local snooker club in Sheffield. Smart de-interlace was again used, along with a heavy dose of the “Bleach Bypass” Film Effect to give it a dingy, gritty look.

Film Effects is equally at home making PAL, NTSC or high definition video take on the characteristic look of film, working as a plugin directly inside Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Film Effects  V2.5 is now available for sale at $100US from and is a free upgrade for all existing users.



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by tony salgado

For us Americans can you explain what the heck "Snooker" is? What type of sporting event is this if indeed it is a sport?

How is it played, what are the rules and what countries is it played in?


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