Ascent Media Group Invests in Additional FilmLight Systems


Last Updated: August 17, 2005 3:38 pm GMT
(London, England, 17th August 2005) FilmLight, a world-leading pioneer of digital film technology, announced today that Ascent Media Group has purchased nine Truelight colour calibration systems to further expand digital film capabilities within its Creative Services and Media Management Services divisions in Los Angeles.

This equipment is added to the Truelight systems already in use at Ascent Media Group London-based companies, Rushes and One Post.

Company 3 and Encore Hollywood Ensure Colour-Accurate DI with Truelight
Ascent Media Creative Services has implemented five Truelight SDI hardware systems at Santa Monica-based Company 3 - for the digital projection systems in both of its digital grading theatres, as well as for HD monitors in the DI suites. Truelight was used extensively on Company 3's most recent DI project, "The Island" from director Michael Bay. Two more Truelight SDI hardware systems will be installed in a similar configuration within a new DI suite, which is currently under construction, at Encore Hollywood. To accommodate custom parameters and manage project variables, both Company 3 and Encore Hollywood have purchased Truelight Cube Builder to create custom LUTs and for regular monitor and projector calibration.

Company 3 President and Managing Director, Stefan Sonnenfeld said, "With FilmLight's Cube Builder, we are confident that we can interchange between images from film and video colour spaces with consistent results, which is vital. They've created a tool that allows us to create, augment and customize our LUTs to support whatever we need to do."

"We are seeing a tremendous increase in the demand for film DI services," said Rainer Knebel, Ascent Media Creative Services' Vice President of Digital Intermediate Services, "Ensuring colour accuracy across the digital process with Truelight is a critical capability that helps us avoid making
multiple test prints." Knebel added, "What really sold us on Truelight over competitive systems are the value-added services that FilmLight offers. They built a set of custom LUTs based on the film recording facilities, labs, and stock we are using, so there was no need for us to hire this expertise into the company. Frankly, we never would have bought a 'black box.' Support and services are a key part of the solution."

Ascent Media Management Services Adds Truelight Colour Management
Ascent Media's Media Management Services division has also purchased two Truelight colour management hardware systems, along with the Cube Builder, for use on film re-mastering work in its Burbank facility.
FilmLight's Craig Risebury, president of the company's U.S. subsidiary, said, "We are extremely pleased that Ascent Media has selected Truelight after rigorous testing. As a pioneer of DI and a premiere facility, Company 3 has confirmed how critical colour management is to the digital process by implementing Truelight facility wide. We are truly looking forward to continued work and co-development with the Ascent Media Group companies."


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